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Plugable USB 2.0 Transfer Cable, Unlimited Use, Transfer Data Between 2 Windows PC's, Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Bravura Easy Computer Sync Software Included. Zinstall WinWin does a great job in migration between computers. However, it's far from perfect when problems come. Some common issues were reported by customers, most of which they can hardly resolve. Message code 322, 279, 252, 190 during migration. WinWin can't detect the old computer or the new one.

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  • I have Windows 10 so seeing the WinWin program looked like the best way to go to transfer everything I have on my old computer, the one I'm using now, because it said, 'Zinstall WinWin transfers all of your stuff from your old computer to you new one: your programs, documents, music, pictures, favorite, emails, accounts, setting-and of course all of your files.
  • Hassle-free copy of programs and files from old computer to another, to Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 - no reinstalls!
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Zinstall Winwin

User Guide

Click here to download the detailed user guide. A quick start guide is below.

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Quick Start Guide for Zinstall Win Win

Before starting the migration process:

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your new system
  2. Save all files and close all running applications
  3. Disable Internet Security Suites, Firewalls, and Anti-Virus Products
  4. The Migration process must be run by an administrator

Zinstall Winwin Tool

Performing the migration:

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  1. On your old computer:
    1. Connect the computer to the internet
    2. Run the downloaded software, to perform the product activation
    3. When prompted, enter your license information
  2. Do the same on your new computer
  3. Connect your old computer and your new computer via home network or using a standard network cable
  4. Choose “This is my old PC” or “This is my new PC” accordingly
  5. Wait for the green checkmark to appear on the old computer
  6. Press the “Go” button on your new computer when ready