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This article shows how to configure the Telestream Wirecast live encoder to send a single bitrate stream to AMS channels that are enabled for live encoding. For more information, see Working with Channels that are Enabled to Perform Live Encoding with Azure Media Services.

This tutorial shows how to manage Azure Media Services (AMS) with Azure Media Services Explorer (AMSE) tool. This tool only runs on Windows PC. If you are on Mac or Linux, use the Azure portal to create channels and programs.


Encoders must support TLS 1.2 when using RTMPS protocols. Use the Wirecast version 13.0.2 or higher due to the TLS 1.2 requirement.

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  • Ensure there is a Streaming Endpoint running. For more information, see Manage Streaming Endpoints in a Media Services Account
  • Install the latest version of the AMSE tool.
  • Launch the tool and connect to your AMS account.


  • Whenever possible, use a hardwired internet connection.
  • A good rule of thumb when determining bandwidth requirements is to double the streaming bitrates. While this is not a mandatory requirement, it helps mitigate the impact of network congestion.
  • When using software-based encoders, close out any unnecessary programs.

Create a channel

  1. In the AMSE tool, navigate to the Live tab, and right-click within the channel area. Select Create channel… from the menu.

  2. Specify a channel name, the description field is optional. Under Channel Settings, select Standard for the Live Encoding option, with the Input Protocol set to RTMP. You can leave all other settings as is.

    Make sure the Start the new channel now is selected.

  3. Click Create Channel.


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The channel can take as long as 20 minutes to start.

While the channel is starting, you can configure the encoder.


Billing starts as soon as Channel goes into a ready state. For more information, see Channel's states.


Configure the Telestream Wirecast encoder

Configuration steps

Test playback

If an error is received, the channel needs to be reset and encoder settings adjusted. See the troubleshooting article for guidance.

Create a program

  1. Once channel playback is confirmed, create a program. Under the Live tab in the AMSE tool, right-click within the program area and select Create New Program.

  2. Name the program and, if needed, adjust the Archive Window Length (which defaults to four hours). You can also specify a storage location or leave as the default.

  3. Check the Start the Program now box.

  4. Click Create Program.

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    Program creation takes less time than channel creation.

  5. Once the program is running, confirm playback by right-clicking the program and navigating to Playback the program(s) and then selecting with Azure Media Player.

  6. Once confirmed, right-click the program again and select Copy the Output URL to Clipboard (or retrieve this information from the Program information and settings option from the menu).

The stream is now ready to be embedded in a player, or distributed to an audience for live viewing.


See the troubleshooting article for guidance.

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Wirecast Play Free Download

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