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Summa WinPlot, Free Download by Summa, Inc. We do not have a download file for the latest version (11.8), but you can try downloading it from the developer's site. Winplot 4: Revolving a region around a line. This example will show you how to see a region being revolved around a line. Revolve the graphs below around the line x = 6 for 0,4 for 0,4 4 for 2,2 yx x yx x xy 1. In the 2‐dim screen graph the 3 equations. May 15, 2021 Winplot is cutting program that imports EPS, AI and DXF files: positioning, rotating and scaling possibilities. Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 - 32 & 64 bit. Compatible with all Summa brand cutters. WinPlot™ is an entirely new cutting software for Microsoft Windows. 3.2 on 22 votes. Winplot is a general-purpose plotting utility, which can draw (and animate) curves and surfaces presented in a variety of formats.


Create and edit 2D and 3D graphs with this simple utility which is also capable of adding animation effect to the surfaces it plots

Working with functions and equations is specific to the field of mathematics and oftentimes it is necessary to accompany an explanation by the corresponding graph. Many dedicated utilities for plotting such charts and diagrams are available for anyone who needs them.

Among those tool, Winplot aims to provide a simple manner of creating visual representations of various math formulae. The seemingly austere interface hides a lot of functions that are not visible at a first glance and which require starting a new project to become active.

You will have to choose the type of graph you need to create and from the 'Window' menu opt for either two-dimensional or three-dimensional surfaced. Mapping can be also customized from the same menu, while a special feature, called 'Guess' is also to be found in there.

Winplot can estimate an equation, or simply generate one randomly, then draw the graph on its own, allowing you to make adjustments afterwards. There are many adjustments that can be made for this particular feature, including selecting coordinates, tables, axis scale or labels. Install niresh catalina on pc. The grid can also be subject to change and the intervals or the axes can be configured on the fly.

One of the most interesting traits of this software solution is its ability to create animated shapes and surfaces. The parameters can be set individually and there are several types of equations to choose from: explicit, parametric, implicit, cylindrical and spherical.

Thanks to an impressive array of functions and a wide variety of customizations, Winplot offers its users lots of possibilities and is able to cater to almost any need insofar as graphs are concerned. The rather small package it comes in is another advantage and, overall, the application manages to serve it purpose very well.

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Download WINPLOT a FREE graphing utility for PCs. Download it here.This program does all kinds of 2D and 3D graphing and has many features perfect for demonstrating the ideas of calculus (Riemann sums, solids of revolution and regular cross-section, moving tangent lines, slope fields etc.) as well as pre-calculus (transformations, parameters, parametric and polar graphs, etc.) . Have your students download their own copy. Graphs of all type may be quickly pasted into Word and other documents. Click here or here for instructions.

Winplot Instructions

The are literally thousands of Winplot instructions, demonstrations, videos, and help on-line. Google or Bing “Winplot.” Here is my brief introductions that will show you the basics, how to use sliders, graph slope fields, and do graphs of solid of rotation and solids with regular cross-sections. Click here.

Winplot Demonstration Files

These files cannot be uploaded to WordPress. I have posted them in a public Dropbox here. Copy them to your desktop and open from inside Winplot (Use file > open) Directions are included with most files. To see the directions open the file and if the “notebook” with directions is not open use CTRL+SHIFT+N to open it.

Note: files with extension .wp2 open from the 2-dim window, those with extension .wp3 open from the 3-dim window.


Trigonometry: Demonstrations of the relationship between the sine, cosine and tangent line segments on the unit circle and the graphs of the functions. (The tangent files also includes the secant graph).File names: unit_circle_sine.wp2, unit_circle_cosine.wp2 and unit_circle_tangent.wp2

Polar Equations demonstration. File name: Polar_demo.wp2

Vector Graph lets the user enter any parametric or vector equation and see how the path is formed by the i- and j-component vectors.File name: Vector_functions.wp2

Roulette Generator. File name Roulette_Generator.wp2. See these posts

Cycloid: A component vector demonstration showing how the component vectors produce the path traveled by a point a wheel. The position of the point (on the rim, the interior of the wheel or on a flange past the rim) may be changed. The velocity vector may also be added to the drawing.File name: Cycloid_-_components.wp2


A Graphical Look at Difference Quotients shows the forward, backward and symmetric (nDeriv) difference quotients converging to the derivative. File name Diffquo.wp2

Increasing – Decreasing – Concavity shows how Riemann sums can be used to see where and why the function defined by the definite integral increases, decreases and has the concavity it has. File name: Increase_-_decrease_-_concavity.wp2

Graphing Look at the relationships between f (x), f ‘(x)and f ”(x). Enter your own functions.File name: f-f_-_f.wp2

Chain Rule Demonstration gives a graphical look at the chain rule.File name: Chain_Rule_Anination.wp2



Guess My Slope Look at the graph of the function {(x,y) y = slope of f(x) at x} and try to guess its equation. File name: Guess_ny_Slope.wp2

Volumes of revolution are illustrated in these Winplot files. They are based on several AP Calculus exam questions. For the washer method see 2003 AB 1 – BC 1 part b,wp3 , or 2004 AB 2 – BC 2 part b.wp3 or 2006 AB 1 – BC 1 part b.wp3 or 2006 AB 1 – BC 1 part c Washers.wp3 and for the Method of Cylindrical Shells see 2006 AB 1 – BC 1 part c Shells.wp3. Check this video on my video page; scroll down to Volumes of Revolution.

Differential Equations

Slope field questions from AP Calculus exams 2002 BC 5 and 2004 BC 5. By animating the general solution you can see how the different particular solutions flow through the slope fields.File names: BC_Calculus_2002_Question_5.wp2 and BC Calculus_2004_Question_5.wp2

Logistic Equation demonstration based on a problem from Calculus by Jon Rogawski (p. 541-1) File name: Rogo_Logistics.wp2

Sequences and Series

Any Powers Series lets you see the graph any powers series expressed as a sum and click through the powers 0, 1, 2, 3, …, 100 one at a time (Based on a suggestion by Benjamin Goldstein — Thanks) File name: Any_Power_Series.wp2


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