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Allows the use of Winamp DSP plugins.

It fully supports the popular Winamp, foobar2000, MediaMonkey, JRiver Media Center and AIMP 2 & 3 & 4 media players. The app connects to your Windows PC via your WiFi network and allows you to instantly view information about currently playing tracks, control every important playback feature and conveniently browse your complete media library. Choose 'Winamp plugins path' with 'Browse' button; Click 'Rescan' button; Set bit-depth in 'Fixed point conversion parameters' ( details ); Choose one of Winamp plugins from 'Plugin list'; Click 'Show interface window' to show plugin settings window (if available); Plugin setting window also available from Foobar2000 main menu: choose 'Show Winamp DSP window' from 'View' menu.


  1. Choose 'Winamp plugins path' with 'Browse' button;
  2. Click 'Rescan' button;
  3. Set bit-depth in 'Fixed point conversion parameters'(details);
  4. Choose one of Winamp plugins from 'Plugin list';
  5. Click 'Show interface window' to show plugin settings window (if available);

Plugin setting window also available from Foobar2000 main menu: choose 'Show Winamp DSP window' from 'View' menu;

Known bugs and limitations[edit]

  • Version 1.4.1 - 1.4.4 startup crashes(how to avoid);
  • Supports only Winamp 2.0 compatible plugins;
  • Doesn't support plugins with Pitch control and Speed control functionality;
  • 192kHz files are not being played correctly (only up to 96kHz)

Sound quality issues[edit]

Due to difference in Foobar and Winamp architecture (Foobar has floating point audio chunks, while Winamp has fixed point ones), floating point to fixed point conversion (and vice versa) is necessary.

Conversion Bit-depth parameter can be set to:

  • 16-bit: low quality, failsafe. Choose this setting, if you encounter a problem while playback;
  • 24-bit: hi-quality;
  • 32-bit: highest quality.

Foo_dsp_winamp converter has built-in limiter to avoid audio signal clipping. Limiter is non-bypassing (i.e. always on), so if you want to keep signal spectrum close to its original, you should use ReplayGain subsystem.

How to avoid startup crash[edit]

Winamp or foobar reddit
  • For Foobar v0.9.6 and later: download the latest version of foo_dsp_winamp (1.4.5);
  • For Foobar versions prior to 0.9.6: you can avoid startup crash by removing dsp_sps.dll from C:Program FilesWinampPlugins folder (it's a default path, check your winamp installation to find desired path). Than you can change 'Winamp plugins path' in foo_dsp_winamp settings and put dsp_sps.dll back to Plugins folder.
  • Official Website (offline as of 2014/01/28)
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foobar2000 component installer Version: 3.3.6 (672KB) or foobar package (551KB)

MediaMonkey plug-in installer Version: 1.8.1 (882KB)

Winamp plug-in installer Version: 2.5 (1110KB)

AIMP 2 & 3 & 4 plug-in installer Versions: AIMP 2/3 1.7, AIMP4 1.1.5 (1317KB)

Foobar Winamp Plugins

JRiver Media Center plug-in installer Version: 1.7.2 (1275KB)

System requirements

MonkeyMote requires either a recent version of Winamp 5, foobar2000 1.3 or later, MediaMonkey 4, JRiver Media Center 16 or later (rebranded versions may not be supported) or AIMP2/AIMP3/AIMP4 running on Windows XP SP3 or later.

Please note that for technical reasons the generic iOS app is not compatible with the foobar2000 component and vice versa.

Foobar Winamp Dsp Bridge


Download the plug-in installer from the link above and save it on your computer, then run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

During installation you will be asked to select the installation directory. This will usually be detected correctly by the installer, but may have to be corrected in certain cases (e.g. when using a media player that has been installed in portable mode).

The recommended installation method for foobar2000 is to download the package, which should be opened and installed by foobar itself. If it isn't (e.g. if foobar has been installed in portable mode), open up foobar's preferences dialog, select Components on the left, click the Install button and select the package file or simply drag & drop the package onto the list of installed components.

Alternatively, use the automatic installer program, which will try to install the component in the correct location. The component will by default be installed in either foobar2000user-components in your application data folder or C:Program Filesfoobar2000components.

Foobar2000 Winamp Skin


The MediaMonkey plugin will typically be installed in C:Program FilesMediaMonkeyPlugins, which should be detected automatically. If you have installed MediaMonkey in portable mode, you may have to run the command MediaMonkey.exe /elevate /regcomserver to get the plugin working properly.

Winamp's plug-in directory will usually be C:Program FilesWinampPlugins and should be detected automatically by the installer.

Winamp+foobar Interface

The Media Center plugin can be installed in a directory of your choice.

The AIMP plug-in will typically be installed in C:Program FilesAIMP3Plugins. Note that, starting from AIMP 3.60, plugins need to be installed into separate folders, e.g. C:Program FilesAIMP3Pluginsaimp_monkeymote. If the installer does not correctly detect the installation directory, launch it while AIMP is running.

You can uninstall MonkeyMote at any time from your system's Control Panel. It is not recommended to use Winamp's built-in uninstallation method, as this does not completey remove the program.

With exception of the Media Center and MediaMonkey plug-ins, all plug-ins can be used with portable installations. Note that the Winamp and MediaMonkey plug-ins store their configuration data in the registry.

When starting your audio player for the first time after installing the MonkeyMote plug-in, you may have to configure your firewall to allow incoming TCP connections to MonkeyMote's default port (19371).

Navigate to Preferences / Tools / MonkeyMote.

Navigate to Tools / Options / Player / General Plug-Ins as shown in the image below.

You can adjust the plug-in preferences by navigating to Winamp Preferences / Plug-ins / General Purpose as shown in the image below.

The configuration dialog can be found in the Services & Plugins menu.

Open the Plugins Manager.

The configuration dialog allows you to change the default port, set a password, toggle registration with Bonjour and adjust cover art quality. Setting the quality to ultra only makes sense for retina display devices.

Security note: While access to the server can be protected with a password, the information exchanged between it and the app is not encrypted. You should keep this in mind when using MonkeyMote outside of your own, trusted home network.