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The Cisco Webex Teams and Office 365 integration is great for users that are happy to live in Webex Teams — but it doesn’t take into account users that prefer Microsoft Teams for collaboration. Create a Teams Meeting in Outlook Online. When you install the Teams client on your computer, it will install an add-in to Outlook that provides a new option when you’re creating a meeting. In Outlook Online, the option is available in the meeting request. Toggle the setting on to make it a Teams meeting. Outlook Alerts for Microsoft Office 365. By Cisco Systems. Stay on top of your inbox with notifications from the Outlook. Using the Webex Teams APIs, we have created a collection of to. Notifications in your Webex Tab and in your Microsoft Teams channel. In the Webex tab, in the ‘Upcoming Meetings’ list, if a meeting has started, you can see the meeting time elapsed as well as how many people have already joined the meeting. And when you hover over the ‘People’ icon, you can see their names. As “Customer Zero” for the Webex Teams and Microsoft Office 365 integration, Cisco IT is trying out different use cases to give customers the benefit of our real-world experience. We’re introducing the Webex Teams integration into Office 365 to Cisco employees in three phases. Phase 1 – Email and Calendar Migration.

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© Luis Alvarez/Getty Images Adding a Webex plug-in to Outlook makes it easy to schedule video meetings directly from your email calendar. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images
  • You can add a Webex plug-in to Microsoft Outlook from the 'Download' page on the Webex website.
  • If you create a lot of Webex meetings, you might find it's easier to do it within Outlook rather than using the Webex desktop app.
  • Once installed, you can find a button to create Webex meetings in the Outlook Calendar.
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If you use Webex frequently, you might find it easier to schedule meetings directly from within Microsoft Outlook rather than launching the standalone Webex desktop app and doing it from there. Cisco offers a free plug-in for Outlook which you can install with just a few clicks.

Webex Teams Troubleshooting

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How to add Webex to Outlook

1. If Outlook is running, close the program – it needs to be closed to install the Webex plug-in.

2. Open Webex in a web browser and sign in if you're not already.

3. In the navigation pane on the left side of the webpage, click the 'Download' button, which is shaped like a downward arrow.

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider Click the 'Download' icon on the left side of the page to find the Webex plugin. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

4. On the 'Download' page, scroll down to Cisco Webex Productivity Tools and click 'Download.'

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider Find the Cisco Webex Productivity Tools and click 'Download.' Dave Johnson/Business Insider

5. When the download is complete, install the productivity tools.


6. Start Outlook and go to your Calendar. Create a new meeting and you should see 'Add Webex Meeting' in the toolbar.

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider When you create your meeting, click 'Add Webex Meeting' to automatically insert all the information your attendees need to join the meeting. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

7. To automatically create a Webex invite with log-in information in the meeting details, click 'Add Webex Meeting.'

Webex Teams Outlook Presence

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Webex Teams Outlook Integration On Windows

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