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  1. What if I have an older version of VMware Fusion, am I eligible to buy an upgrade? Customers with older VMware Fusion versions (1.x through 8.x) will need to purchase a new license. I have an academic copy of VMware Fusion 10.x or VMware Fusion 11.x. Can I get a discounted upgrade to VMware Fusion 12 Pro?
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  3. Download VMWare Player or VMWare Fusion. This will depend on which OS you have running. If you have Windows but don’t have 7zip. I believe most Linux.

VMware Workstation Pro runs on most standard x86-based hardware with 64-bit Intel and AMD processors and on 64-bit Windows or Linux host operating systems. Please review the CPU requirements before purchase, as some older CPU’s are no longer compatible. VMware recommends 1.2 GB of available disk space for the application. VMware Fusion delivers a secure and powerful desktop sandbox for running Windows or other operating systems on the Mac without rebooting. Use at home to run Windows DX11 games or for learning with a Personal License, or use Fusion Player to separate Work from Home life with a commercial license.

Is VMware Fusion 12 Pro a free update?

VMware Fusion 12 Pro is considered a ‘major release’ and as such requires a new license to operate. Customers who currently own licenses for Fusion 10 Pro or Fusion 11 Pro are entitled to discounted upgrade pricing. Customers on older versions of Fusion (8.x and earlier) must purchase a new license to use Fusion 12 Pro

Is VMware Fusion 12 Player a free update?

VMware Fusion 12 is considered a ‘major release’ and as such requires a new license to operate. Fusion 12 Player licenses are available in 2 varieties: Personal or Commercial. Commercial (paid) customers who currently own licenses for Fusion 10 or greater are entitled to discounted upgrade pricing. Commercial customers on older versions of Fusion (8.x and earlier) must purchase a new license. Personal use customers may register for a new free license from this link regardless of the currently owned license.

What programs can I run with VMware Fusion?

VMware Fusion lets you run macOS, Windows, Linux and other x86-based operating systems as virtual machines. Nearly all programs that run on these operating systems will run with VMware Fusion. Programs can range from common productivity suites, like Microsoft Office, to graphics-intensive programs such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks which require DirectX 11, as well as custom applications. Fusion Player and Fusion Pro can both also run containers and Kubernetes clusters with the built-in CLI ‘vctl.’

Can I play 3D games in a virtual machine?

Yes, VMware Fusion 12 has 3D hardware-accelerated graphics support.

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Vmware fusion 8 windows 10 download

For Windows VMs Fusion now supports DirectX 11 (with Shader Model 5.0) and earlier.

For Windows and Linux guests Fusion provides OpenGL 4.1 capabilities.

Fusion uses Apple Metal graphics technology to render 3D hardware-accelerated graphics to virtual machines on compatible Mac systems.

See VMware Fusion system requirements for details.

Do I need Apple Boot Camp to install VMware Fusion?

Vmware Fusion 8 Windows 10 Download

Boot Camp is not required to run Windows on a Mac with VMware Fusion. However, if you already have Windows installed as a Boot Camp partition, VMware Fusion can easily create a Windows virtual machine based on your Boot Camp Windows installation. This will allow you to run Windows programs side-by-side with your Mac applications without having to reboot your Mac.

Can I migrate Parallels Desktop for Mac virtual machines to VMware Fusion?

Yes. VMware Fusion 12 can import Parallels Desktop for Mac (up to version 15) based virtual machines. Simply launch VMware Fusion, go to the File menu, select ‘Import’, select your virtual machine setting’s file, and click ‘Import’.

Will VMware Fusion 12 slow down my Mac?

When not running virtual machines, VMware Fusion 12 has no impact on your Mac’s overall performance. The impact on performance while running virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes clusters will mainly depend on the type of applications bring run, how many virtual machines/containers are running at the same time, how much RAM is available on your Mac, the speed of your CPU (GHz) and the speed of your storage. SSD-based Macs are recommended for optimal performance

See VMware Fusion system requirements for details.

Can I access and use USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 devices?

Yes. VMware Fusion supports USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and now 3.1 devices.

Vmware Fusion 8 Download

Does VMware Fusion 12 support Retina or 6K displays?

Yes, VMware Fusion 12 supports Retina and 6K display Macs for a crisp and detailed experience of your Windows programs. Fusion 12 ensures you get a seamless experience when running Windows across Retina, 4K, 5K, 6K and non-Retina displays.

Can I use multiple displays with VMware Fusion?

Yes, VMware Fusion 12 supports up to 10 displays in both full screen and Unity views.

Can I access Thunderbolt hard drives in Windows?

Vmware Fusion 8 Download Free

Thunderbolt ports cannot be directly forwarded to Windows VM’s the same way that USB works. However, you can still access your Thunderbolt hard drives in VMware Fusion by mapping the hard drive to a VMware Shared Folder. Go to the Virtual Machine menu, select ‘Shared Folders’ and select ‘Add Shared Folder’. Select your Thunderbolt hard drive and click ‘Open’ to assign your Thunderbolt disk to the shared folder. To access your Thunderbolt hard drive in Windows, go to ‘VMware Shared Folders’ shortcut on the desktop and select your Thunderbolt hard disk.

How many CPUs can I assign to a virtual machine?

Vmware Fusion 8 Download

You can assign up to 32 Virtual CPUs to a Fusion 12 virtual machine (requires at least 16 physical cores), so the virtual machine can harness the full power of a Mac using the latest Intel processors. It’s recommended that sufficient resources are not allocated to virtual machines to ensure smooth host operation. For example, on a Mac with 6 cores, it would be unadvisable to assign more than 4 cores to a virtual machine. Application requirements vary, so experiment with your settings to find a balance.