Software solution that allows you to backup files and applications on your computer in just a few steps, it comes with some tools you can check out

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It's always a good idea to backup files on your computer, so that you can avoid losing important information. One of the applications that can help you with just that is EZ Backup Ultimate.

It's a neat software solution that allows you to backup files and applications on your computer in just a few steps, it comes with some tools you can check out.

Sleek and colorful user interface

The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It comes with a clean and colorful graphical interface that makes it easy to work with your files.

EZ Backup Ultimate is a useful software solution that allows you to backup files and applications on your computer in just a few steps.

Download Ultimate Backup Tool 2.0 For Windows

Backup all sort of files fast

The free version of this application allows you to perform 7 backups before you will need to decide whether you want to purchase the software or not. The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to use the built-in wizard in order to pick the programs that you would like to backup.

You simply need to select the programs you want to backup and the application will find and backup your data to a self restoring executable archive.

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More features and tools

The executable archive can be run on any computer and a wizard will guide you through restoring your data files to their proper locations. You can pick a backup destination on your computer, local or network drive, FTP server or a CD/DVD disc.

You can also compress files if you want and it allows you to schedule backups using the Windows Task Manager. All in all, EZ Backup Ultimate is a useful software solution that allows you to backup files and applications on your computer in just a few steps.

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EZ Backup Ultimate was reviewed by Alexandra Vaidos
  • Can perform only 7 backups.
New in EZ Backup Ultimate 5.43:
  • Added Windows Live Mail support
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EZ Backup Ultimate 6.34

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Ultimate Backup Lspdfr Gta V

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Ultimate Extract and Recover is a free utility which can extract multiple RAR archives including password-protected files.

The main layout of the Ultimate Extract and Recover application is rather basic and unorganized but its features compensate for that. Ultimate Extract and Recover provides a text-based logging system to the left which prints details of its extraction process including any errors.

The configuration of Ultimate Extract and Recover includes input and output directories, the option to delete RAR files after they have been extracted and a test mode which checks whether or not all files can be extracted.

Ultimate Extract and Recover provides different statistics like the number of files processed, files not processed, elapsed time and non-fatal exceptions.

Ultimate Extract and Recover can also be used to try a list of passwords which reside in the comprehensive dictionary file. Each password will be attempted to extract a file though it isn't that fast.

Ultimate Backup Download Lspdfr

Overall, Ultimate Extract and Recover can be a useful tool for extracting the contents of multiple RAR archives as well as attempting to extract password-protected files with a dictionary.

Ultimate Backup Download Lspdfr

Features and highlights

Ultimate Backup Download

  • Unattended operation: extracts or verifies without the user's attention
  • Very simple to use GUI-interface: you can start a new operation with just 3 clicks !
  • Batch extraction
  • Automated file integrity validation: batch check your files for errors (CRC check,missing parts,wrong format,bad format,corrupted archive,wrong password)
  • Password recovery: can retrieve the password by using the dictionary approach
  • Recursion: It traverses nested directories, so that all your RAR and ZIP files can be organized into sub directories of any depth
  • Unicode paths/directories
Ultimate Backup Download

Ultimate Extract and Recover 6.0 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from backup software without restrictions. Ultimate Extract and Recover 6.0 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows.

Lspdfr Ultimate Backup Download

The program was created by the developer as a freeware product, but donations for the continued development are highly appreciated. You may generally make a donation via the developer's main web site.

Ultimate Backup Download Gta 5

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