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This is how you would connect your external hard drive to read from TSP automatically. Instead of trying to load them on the internal harddrive. This way you can use TRAKTOR DJ to play and manipulate your tracks while mixing them on your external DJ mixer. Connect your iOS-compatible sound card with your iOS-device. Most of them require a connection via the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

Traktor Pro 3 External Hard Drive Driver

Traktor Pro 3 External Hard Drive
  • Hey Guys,

    So I have been having some frequent problems concerning traktor that are starting to really concern me going into live shows. I own right now a Numark 4 – Trak, Kontrol F1, and a HP envy with 12 gbs or ram, a 3 GHZ cpu, and 5600 rpm drive. I have been practicing scratching lately with my controller, and it seems that if I scratch for too long (somewhere around 10 mins), for some strange reason the Load will spike and my controller will become completely unresponsive. I cant even flick the line in switch so that I can play my ipod while I am fixing the problem. Even though the 4Trak is a external mixer, I cant even use the failsafes, so I either have to A. unplug the device and replug it in, killing the music, or B.Restarting the unit, also killing the music. Has anyone had this problem in the past and haw have they fixed it?

    The other problem I experienced was on Friday, halfway through my set (2 hours in), my crossfader stopped working. To better depict the problem: I had one song going on Track A and was going to fade to Track B. All volume meters were set and raised to around 75%. When I moved the crossfader over to B (all the way over), my monitors told me everything went fine, but when I took my monitors off, I heard both songs were clearly playing out of the speakers! I had to bring the volume of A down to zero to fix everything, which I know isn’t normal.

    So basically saying, is the 4 Trak just glitchy, or is it traktor? Is it latency issues? Let me know. Thank you!!

    Cody Chesneau
    DJ Echobreaker

    Good questions. If things go haywire after a while, my first fear is always temperature issues (thinks work fine, til the temp goes up and then it goes out the window). This can happen both in the PC and the controller.

    My suggestion would be to try with another laptop if you have the chance. This will eliminate it as a source of the problems (or confirm it!).


    You can check the temperatures on you computer by using software like coretemp or speedfan. If your computer gets too hot it usually is just a matter of clearing the vents from any dust.

    I think it is just Traktor (yes, I am so jaded with it). It is such a flippant program with way too many bugs. I am buying Crossdj after this weekends gig and will start migration. (unfortunately I have too much prep to lose before this weekend). I am dreading the pops and crackles and glitches that are occurring more and more, that my crowd will have to put up with this weekend. 🙁

    In my experience, issues with Traktor tend to be at least a 50/50 affair and in most cases there is something the user can do with their kit or laptop to improve things.
    The annoying part is that you often don’t know exactly what it is you need to do. As mentioned previously, overheating is a major cause of glitches, further to this you could have background tasks running that conflict with Traktor. Also putting your laptop to prioritizing background applications (music counts as background for some reason) might help.

    If Traktor is so buggy then howcome I’ve used it for numerous live gigs and at home with different varieties of gear without any problem whatsoever? I’d say it’s a classic case of PEBKAC.

    There are cooling devices on the market for laptops although these are simply large fans on the bottom of the laptop. So it’s not that efficient in a hot environment.

    Hi Marco,
    I think that you are just lucky and if it is bug free for you then that is a good thing. Unfortunately not all users have that experience. I have been using traktor for nearly 4 years also and for me the program is getting worse. I am open to the idea of PEBKAC but I have a done so many things to eliminate problems and I haven’t yet found a trick that works (one I haven’t tried yet is using a powered hub and that really is the last thing that I can do. I am also open to the idea that it maybe my S4 that is the cause of all my woes, it is 2 and half years old now and has been heavily ‘mobile’ gigged with.

    I’ve seen an s4 mk1 that was less than two years old once and it scared me how worn it was. Especially the small, round buttons die quite easily. Most of the deck controls were unresponsive as well. Pretty lame for such an expensive piece of kit.

    Sometimes Traktor appears to simply not like a particular laptop. It happens with Macs too. I’m lucky, I had a crappy Acer laptop with Vista on it and Traktor v1 worked fine. When it did start glitching it was because I couldn’t be arsed to clean the fans and it was overheating.
    My refurbished Dell Latitude I got for Traktor 2 similarly runs just fine and dandy. I run a DJ script to shut down certain stuff but Traktor works without me doing any of that anyway.

    Virtual disk image software. @ Newportdj Drew:
    If you’re looking at a usb hub get the D-Link DUB-H7, NI use it for testing with Traktor.

    Well after trying just about everything, I just solved my problem by rolling back the usb driver from 3.1 to 3.0.3. Just in time for a gig tomorrow. I will still take my old laptop as a backup just in case.

    Gig went well last night, laptop was flawless during performance of 4 hours. SO for the sake of search engines and offering a fix to traktor s4 audio glitches I would recommend trying out various USB drivers available to see if this improves the situation.

    I’m using a Traktor S4 on Traktor Pro 2 with Windows 10 on a lenovo ideapad laptop.

    Yesterday at a party I had issues with Traktor, first things were okay, everything running normal and music playing fine.

    Then it froze, it’s happened before at home on both my lenovo laptop AND the HP Pavilion laptop I use. I thought it was a bug before so I “updated” Traktor Pro a couple weeks ago and everything was working again, temporarily.

    So back to yesterday’s party, the programme froze 3 times in 45 minutes, I have no other programmes running while using Traktor, I turn off the WiFi too and the laptop is always on a stand so it has space to breathe or not over heat.

    After crashing for the 3rd time, I decided to update the programme from my Traktor service centre, once updated I was told to restart the laptop, so I did.

    When I opened the Traktor service centre again, it says the driver I just tries to install didn’t install. So I opened Traktor Pro, to realise that now the audio from Traktor was being played out of the laptop.

    Signal was showing on my S4 but sound was coming out of the laptop, so I went into audio settings and the audio was set to the laptop speakers. When I looked for my S4 to use as the soundcard it wasn’t there.

    I could still control the software was my S4, but the sound was coming out of the wrong place. I then decided to plug an aux cable in the laptop and bypass the S4 sound card and go straight to the amp, this sorted the audio, so to speak, but now I was unable to hear the Cue for the next track through my headphones, so I was “blind cueing”.

    I don’t know why Traktor keeps crashing on every laptop I use it on and I don’t know why it didn’t recognise the S4’s soundcard, it was probably the update which caused the soundcard not to be read, but why the constant freezing? :/

  1. This way you can use TRAKTOR DJ to play and manipulate your tracks while mixing them on your external DJ mixer. Connect your iOS-compatible sound card with your iOS-device. Most of them require a connection via the Apple Camera Connection Kit.
  2. Launch TRAKTOR PRO 3, and click the Preferences button in TRAKTOR’s header. In the Audio Setup, select the Audio Device you have available. For example, if you’re using a DJ mixer, select the name of the mixer; if you’re using a controller, select the name of the controller as the Audio Device.
  3. External hard drives for gaming utilize magnetism and movable internal components to read and write digital data. Picture the following. When the external hard drive is activated, the unit buzzes to life. At the top of the hard drive, a magnetic arm glides over a stack of magnetic rotating disks to communicate with the data storage bank below.

Traktor Pro 3 External Hard Driver

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