I had installed FireFox 3 beta 4. After using FF3 for a little whilewith out torbutton. Upon installing torbutton 1.1.16 and restartingfirefox the bookmarks promptly disappeared. Uninstalling TorButtonresolves the issue.

When torbutton is installed it appear that all writes to the Bookmarksare blocked, importing or creating new bookmarks are not possible.

Torbutton Firefox

Tor Button Extension Firefox

Os: Mac OS X 10.4.11 (PPC)Browser: Firefox 3 beta 4Torbutton: 1.1.16

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Username: torbert Splunk spl cheat sheet.

Torbutton Firefox

If Torbutton refuses to pass its test, or does not seem to be working, manually setting the proxy in Firefox is a good way to glean more information about what is broken. In Firefox, Preferences Advanced Connection (Settings) Manual proxy configuration. The official Tor site recommends that we use the Torbutton as part of the Tor Browser Bundle and do not install the Torbutton ourselves as human error may result in incorrectly setting up Firefox. This could then lead to leaks in security and the release of private information. Try going to the Firefox options menu and configuring Tor as a proxy. This will mean that you have to start Tor in the background but I did it with Chrome and it worked fine. Menu Options Advanced Network Connection Manual Proxy Configuration: SOCKS.

Torbutton Firefox

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