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Teradata Express also has a big brother, Teradata Studio; the main difference between Express and Studio is that the latter has an administrative window to it. The native Teradata administrator tool is integrated into Studio. So, if you are a DBA or power user, you will be needing Studio. Teradata Studio is a client-based GUI used to perform database administration tasks on Teradata Database. Teradata Studio has a modular display that allows users to create a custom user interface. Teradata Studio combines the functionality of Teradata SQL Assistant and Teradata Administrator and allows you to: Search for and view database. Essbase Studio uses JDBC drivers. The JDBC Teradata driver must be installed on the computer on which Essbase Studio Server runs. Essbase Studio uses the JDBC Teradata driver to deploy cubes in streaming mode. To deploy cubes in non-streaming mode, the ODBC Teradata driver must be installed on the computer on which Essbase Server runs.

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Teradata is a popular Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) suitable for large data warehousing applications. It is capable of handling large volumes of data and is highly scalable. This tutorial provides a good understanding of Teradata Architecture, various SQL commands, Indexing concepts and Utilities to import/export data.

This tutorial is designed for software professionals who are willing to learn Teradata concepts and become a Teradata developer. By the end of this tutorial, you will have gained intermediate level of expertise in Teradata.

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You should have a basic understanding of Relational concepts and basic SQL. It will be good if you have worked with any other RDBMS product.

Teradata Studio Vs Sql Assistant