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Application for Mind Mapping, Knowledge and Project Management. Application for. Task Coach will take care of all your pending tasks, as well as important dates and meetings, so that you never forget any of them again and you can also prepare them ahead of time. Download Task Coach for Mac OS X v1.4.6 (open source) - AfterDawn: Software downloads Task Coach is a simple open source todo manager to keep track of personal tasks and todo lists.

Chances are, your Mac isn’t working as fast as it could, thanks to gigabytes of clutter and unnecessary files on your system. CleanMyMac helps you scan your Mac, monitor its health, and ultimately clean it up—so you can handle all your tasks that extra bit faster. A single license is $39.95. Download: CleanMyMac. Todoist, as a task management solution, is a breeze for many. Like the Swift to-do list app, it has a simple, no-frills interface built around a classic design. This task-tracking software is great for individuals, though they’ve recently expanded into teams and adapted to small business needs.

Task Coach is an open-source to-do manager for Mac, which you can download free. There is also a version for Windows here.

Task Coach For Mac App

Office mac for students. Why have physical to-do lists lying around your office, when you can use this open-source application called Task Coach? It is a free tool thats available for Windows and Mac, but is it any great? Read our review to find out.

We tested Task Couch on a Mac, and we were pretty impressed. The user interface is not the best we have seen, but it is simple and use to easy. When you add new tasks, which can be sorted into different categories, you have the ability to play around with all sorts of features, including start and end dates, reminder, progress, budget, effort and so on. Task Coach is also customizable, which means you can easily add, remove or change the menu buttons.

Overall, we think Task Coach is a great application. There might be better alternatives out there, but they probably are not free so we recommend this to all of our Windows and Mac users.

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