1. In Tableau 9.3, we added the Content Analytics feature (which shows the hit counts in the Tableau Server browser interface). This is tracked in two tables, viewmetricsaggregations for information specific to views, and datasourcemetricsaggregations for data sources.
  2. Tableau repository is used to store all the files related to tableau desktop. It includes various folders such as Bookmarks, Connectors, Datasources, Extensions, Logs, Mapsources, Services, Shapes, TabOnlineSyncClient and Workbooks. My Tableau repository is usually located in the file path C: Users User Documents My Tableau Repository.
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This topic describes how to install and configure Tableau Server to use an external service for Tableau Server Repository.

Before you install

  • You must have the Server Management Add-on license activated on your Tableau Server to make sure your environment has the appropriate license to use external repository. For more information about Server Management Add-on, see About Tableau Server Management Add-on.

  • Your Tableau Server environment must be deployed on one of the following:

    • AWS cloud services. For more information on Tableau Server installation on AWS, see Install Tableau Server on Amazon Web Services.
    • Azure cloud services. For more information on Tableau Server installation on Azure, see Install Tableau Server on Microsoft Azure.
  • You must have an instance of PostgreSQL database install and ready. You will also need the endpoint of your PostgreSQL DB instance.

    • If you are installing Tableau Server on AWS, see Create a PostgreSQL DB Instance on AWS Relational Database Service (RDS).
    • If you are installing Tableau Server on Azure, see Create a Azure Database PostgreSQL Instance on Azure.
  • Download the SSL certificate:

    • Amazon RDS: Download the certificate (.pem file) for your Amazon RDS PostgreSQL DB instance. For more information on how to download the certificate file, see Using SSL to Encrypt the Connection to a DB Instance(Link opens in a new window).
    • Azure Database for PostgreSQL: See Configure TLS connectivity for Azure Database for PostgreSQL(Link opens in a new window).

Note: Configuring Tableau Server with external repository can only be done using TSM CLI in this release for both Windows and Linux environments. The steps are described below.

Install and Configure

Step 1: Create a configuration file

Connect To Tableau Postgresql Database

Create a json file with the following configuration settings:

  • flavor: This is the type of external service you are going to use for Tableau Server repository.

    • Amazon RDS: use “rds”.
    • Azure Database: use 'azure'
  • masterUsername:

    • Amazon RDS: Use 'rails' for the user name. This is the user that you specified when creating the RDS instance.

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      You must use 'rails' as the masterUsername. This is required for the external repository to work with Tableau Server properly.

    • Azure Database: Choose a user name that meets your requirements. We recommend using postgres as the Administrator user name. If you choose to use a different user name, make sure that the user name does not start with pg, or azure. The user name also cannot be rails, tblwgadmin, tableau, readonly, or tbladminviews.
  • masterPassword: This is the same password you specified when creating the PostgreSQL database instance.

  • host: This is the endpoint of your PostgreSQL database instance.

  • port: The database port you specified when creating the PostgreSQL DB instance.

Step 2: Install Tableau Server and Configure the External Repository

Using TSM CLI:

  1. Install TSM: Follow the instructions provided in this topic and complete steps 1-5 which runs the setup program and installs TSM.

  2. Activate and Register Tableau Server: Provide the Tableau Server Key and the IT Management Add-on key in the activate step. You will need to run the following command twice, first with the Tableau Server product key and then with the Server Management Add-on product key:

    tsm licenses activate -k <product key>

  3. Configure Initial Node Settings: Follow the instructions provided in the topic to configure the initial node settings.

    Important! Do not run the Initialize and Start Tableau Server step when you configure the initial node. After completing the other steps in the Configure Initial Node Settings topic, return to this page and follow the rest of the instructions.

  4. Configure Tableau Server to use the external repository by using the following commands:

  • Specify the external repository settings using the json file that you created in the previous step:

    tsm topology external-services repository enable -f <filename>.json -c <ssl certificate file>.pem

    The json file is the file that you created in the first step with the configuration settings. The SSL certificate file can be downloaded as described in this topic(Link opens in a new window).

  • Apply the changes:

    tsm pending-changes apply

Step 3: Complete tsm Initialize

To initialize and start Tableau Server:

Tableau Public Postgresql Server

tsm initialize --start-server --request-timeout 1800

Step 4: Complete the install

Add an Administrator Account and complete the installation.

Who can do this

Tableau Server Administrators can install and configure Tableau Server.

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When attempting to connect to a PostgreSQL database in Tableau Desktop 2020.4 or newer, in an environment where a proxy server is enabled, the following error occurs:

Tableau Postgres Tables

Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.
Error Code: BC42EF73
The connection attempt failed.
Unable to connect to the PostgreSQL server '<server-address>'. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

Tableau Postgresql Schema

No error occurs in earlier versions of Tableau Desktop.