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I first started playing games because of my dad. I was around six or seven. My dad was really into Sierra adventure games, Warcraft, Myst, Sims games like Sim Farm and Sim Ant He was an electrical engineer, so he was pretty nerdy. I remember sitting on his lap when I was a kid and “helping” him play.

  • Using Kinect on Mac is as easy as ordering Latte. But there is also a lot of confusion on the Internet and sites that seem to be old and give you the wrong advice such as installing a separate sensor library in addition to OpenNI.
  • KINECT USE (Only up to Max Sierra or Windows 7) In order to control the slider/s of a Soundcool® module with the Xbox 360 Kinect install and revise the instructions of Synapse and activate the module’s toggle labeled “Kinect”.

The options tab allows you to set a variety of settings in Synapse X, which allow for certain special features or protections.

Unlock FPS

The Unlock FPS option will unlock the FPS of the client from 60 to your monitors refresh rate. This is extremely useful on 120/144/240hz monitors which easily could support higher framerates, and makes the game look much more clean.


AutoLaunch and AutoAttach are two separate options that serve similar purposes - they automate the attaching process for you.

AutoAttach will simply attach Synapse X whenever you have the UI open. This is more simple & sometimes works better on certain machines, but the AutoLaunch option has massive benefits over the AutoAttach option which will be shown below.

AutoLaunch does something different - instead of attaching Synapse X whenever you have the UI open, it will actually replace the launcher with a custom one made by Synapse X.

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Internal UI

Internal UI allows a pretty neat feature - an internal user interface within the game itself. You can simply press the INSERT key on your keyboard when this is activated in order to pop up the UI. If you use this feature, the AutoLaunch option will allow you to not open the regular UI and simply use the internal one if you like.

Close File/Clear Confirmation

These are two simple but useful options which protect against accidental clearing/closing of scripts in your tab controller. Synapse X will prompt you before doing those actions if enabled.

Legacy UI

Some users prefer an older UI style that allows for greater theming & customization, and allows resizing of the window.

Editor Theme

This allows you to customize the theme used in the script editor. Pick one that suits you.


This concludes the general user guide for Synapse X. If you want to develop your own scripts, go to the development introduction. If not, we hope you enjoy Synapse X and all the features it has to offer!

Who we are:

Synapse Wireless is an Internet of Things (IoT) company focused on improving the operational, financial and environmental performance of our customers.

We are relentless listeners, learners and problem solvers who are driven to simplify the complex, reveal hidden opportunities, and deliver significant return on investment to our customers.

We are owned by McWane, a company with over 100 years of manufacturing experience, who has provided a complex and fertile ground for developing our field-proven technologies.

What we do:


We provide energy management solutions designed to help companies advance their growth and sustainability goals.

We make “profitability through sustainability” attainable by delivering our customers control over the Big 3 energy consumers: Lights, HVAC, and Compressed Air.

Our innovative system, SimplySnap, links the physical world – the things of IoT – to the digital world by connecting devices to the cloud and integrating advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to sense, analyze and control thousands of devices at industrial scale.

Our solutions pay for themselves and provide perpetual savings for years to come, all while lowering the energy footprint of our customers.

Synapse Kinect Sierra Pro

What makes us different?

First, we manage all three of “The Big 3” energy consumers from one system – SimplySnap.

Second, we are able to work with existing equipment in facilities of all sizes and ages, helping our customers avoid expensive retrofits.

Third, we are proven. We have over a decade of IoT experience. We are integrated with the nation’s leading lighting manufacturers. We have thousands of deployments by hundreds of companies with over 2,000,000 edge devices in the field and 40+ issued IoT patents.

Fourth, we take quality and security very seriously. Synapse’s Quality Management System is certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and our Information Security Management System is certified to meet the requirements of ISO 27001:2013.

Our beliefs:

We believe in simplifying the complex to reveal hidden opportunities.


We believe in making technology more human-centric and intuitive to use makes it more impactful.

We believe that when we improve the environments industries operate in, we improve the environment we all live in.

Synapse Wireless
6723 Odyssey Drive Suite #3
Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Synapse Wireless
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Toll Free: 877-982-7888
Local Phone: 256-852-7888

Synapse Kinect Sierra Vista

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