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Is it FREE?

Kannada Keyboard Online is the best and most comfortable virtual Keyboard to type in Kannada alphabets, letters, and words. This online keyboard app is also helpful for users who speak Kannada across the world. Write Kannada at a faster pace with this virtual Keyboard. Also, practice typing with our online typing keyboard games for free. Kannada surabhi setup Free Download, surabhi kannada software free, surabhi kannada soft, surabhi kannada softwere, surabhi kannada software, kannada in kannada astrology 2011 and more. History edit In the mid-1980s, software development in Kannada was started mainly to meet the needs of desktop publishing in Kannada.

Yes. It is FREE to download and use all keyboards for both personal and commercial use.However, If you are embedding it or using on your website - you must reference it oradd a link to our page.

Can I get higher quality keyboard in different size or color?

Yes. Our keyboard is 1280px by 659px. This size is ideal for printing and it is available indifferent colours. However, If you prefer it in different sizes or in different color we can do itfor a small fee. Please drop a message on our Facebook page.

How can I get Kannada keyboard in different font mapping?

Above keyboard use Kannada font mapping. If you require Kannada keyboard in other fontsmapping (For E.g. Latha Regular Unicode Font), then we can do it for a small fee.Please drop a message on our Facebook page.

How can I use Kannada keyboard in WhatsApp on Mobile Devices?

To configure your keyboard in Kannada, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your phone's 'Settings' app.

  2. Go to Languages & input.

  3. Under 'Keyboard and Input' methods, select Kannada keyboard as your choice.

What is Online Kannada Typing Test?

Online Kannada Typing Test helps you to learn how to type Kannada Language in Unicode Inscript Keyboard Layout, this is the most popular keyboard layout used around the world. Our Typing Test is very unique and interactive you don’t need to configure your computer or to enable Kannada keyboard on your windows or to install any software on it. Just open our website and start practicing on it.

Our Typing Test is very advance, free & easy to use. It Includes random text so every time you get new set of typing material. Just Type your name, choose number of Words & Select Time Limit. When you will finish typing or stopped the test you will see your number of Correct, Incorrect Words, Keystrokes, Accuracy, Words per minutes and total time elapsed.

How to Type

For Example:

To Type “ಓ “ Press “ Shift Key +a ”

To Type ' ೋ “ Press “ letter a only ”

To Type alternate Character' ೕ “ Press “ Alt Key + Ctrl Key + s ”

Surabhi Kannada Typing Keyboard Canarese Keyboard

Surabhi kannada typing keyboard free download

English To Kannada Typing

To Type alternate Character' ೖ “ Press “ Alt Key + Ctrl Key + w ”