Spotify itself has not updated its iOS app with support for widgets, but there is a third-party app available that brings Spotify widgets to your iOS 14 home screen. One of the tentpole features of. Oct 14, 2020 Here’s how to add a Spotify widget to your iOS 14 home screen: Long-press on your home screen to enter jiggle mode Tap the “+” button in the upper-left corner Look for Spotify in the list of widgets. Widgets were one of the biggest design updates to arrive with iOS 14 in September, with loads of apps getting in on the game. This week, Spotify introduced its own widget for the Apple operating.

Spotify has rolled out an update to its iOS app today with support for home screen widgets. This comes after Spotify beta tested iOS 14 home screen widgets with a handful of beta users last week. Read on for instructions on how to find the new Spotify widgets.

Spotify’s selection of widgets is rather limited, with the company offering just two “Recently Played” widgets from which to choose. These widgets allow you to “quickly access recently played playlists, artists, albums or podcasts,” Spotify says. You can pick from a small or medium-sized design.


The clever aspect of the Spotify widget is that the background will change based on the color of the recently played content. For example, if the playlist you most recently listened to features a blue cover image, the background of the widget will adapt to match that color. The widget appears to update relatively quickly once your most recently played content changes.

Widget For Spotify

Here’s how to add a Spotify widget to your iOS 14 home screen:

  1. Long-press on your home screen to enter jiggle mode
  2. Tap the “+” button in the upper-left corner
  3. Look for Spotify in the list of widgets
  4. Choose your preferred widget size

Spotify Widget Ios 14 Not Showing Up

Spotify for iOS is available on the App Store as a free download. Note that once you install the newest version of the app, you’ll have to open the Spotify app first, before any widgets will appear in the widget picker. For whatever reason, opening the Spotify app after updating it is what also triggers the widget picker to update with the new widget options.

If you’re looking for a Spotify widget app with additional customization options, we recently went hands-on with the third-party app TuneTrack.

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Spotify—one of Apple's main rivals in both the latter's services strategy and in antitrust investigations—has released a new version of its iPhone app that supports home screen widgets, one of the flagship features of iOS 14.

Last month's release of iOS 14 brought home screen widgets—previously only the domain of iPads and Android phones—to iPhones. As we noted in our iOS 14 review, the value of the feature depends entirely on strong adoption and clever uses by third-party app developers.

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Releases of widget-supporting apps from developers have been slow. Part of that was because Apple launched iOS 14 with less notice to developers than usual, meaning many were racing to play catch-up. But even now, a month later, the roster of widget-supporting apps has only grown a little.

Spotify is one of the most high-profile apps on the App Store, and it finally made the jump with version 8.5.80 of its iOS app. Unfortunately, the new widget isn't all that powerful or useful. It essentially does the exact same thing the Music widget does: it shows a list of recently played songs or playlists that you can tap into from the home screen.


Tapping an entry doesn't just take you to the song in the app—it starts playing it right away, saving you an extra tap. Many users will wish they could customize what appears in the list or that they could control playback, as they currently can in the Android widget. As the setup stands now, the widget offers no customization options at all.

Some app developers (like Spark) have found creative ways to use the somewhat limited iOS widgets API (WidgetKit) to offer multiple, flexible uses of that precious home screen real estate. But users have said a lot of widgets just aren't that useful at the moment.

Those same users might wonder why we're not seeing essentially fully working slices of apps appearing on the home screen. Apple is likely to expand what developers can do with WidgetKit in future software releases, but there will always be some big limitations because of an emphasis on maintaining battery life.Ios

Lots of interactivity and live data from multiple apps on the home screen could have a negative impact there—that's probably why Apple and many devs have generally been conservative in terms of making widgets ultra-powerful.

By contrast, the Android Spotify widget offers playback control. But Spotify actually removed that comparatively powerful widget in August of last year, only to reintroduce an improved version of it shortly afterward when users complained. The brief removal led to a plethora of user-made widgets to replace the lost functionality.

But at least Spotify is supporting widgets on iPhones at all—that wasn't a foregone conclusion.

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