VMix is a Software Video Mixer and Switcher that utilises the latest advances in computer hardware to provide live HD video mixing, a task previously only possible on expensive dedicated hardware mixers. VMix also functions as live streaming software that allows you to publish your live productions directly to the Internet! MIDI Camera Control App Control your PTZOptics camera using MIDI commands from programs such as Ableton, Pro Tools, and more. Free IP Controller Software Control your camera and customize features with this free control software.

Release Notes

Feb. 2021 Ver.1.4.24 (for 64bit-OS only)

  • The paid optional features (plugins) AW-SF300 are provided.
  • • A feature to display the SDI output image from the camera using a commercially available SDI to UVC converter
  • • A GUI that allows you to easily call presets for multiple cameras at the same time
  • The operation from multiple USB joysticks has been supported.
  • EasyIP Setup Tool Plus app has been included.
  • The operation delay has been improved when using AW-HE130.

Oct. 2020 Ver.1.3.11 (available on 32bit-OS)

    The folloing issues have been fixed.
  • Chinese Windows can not be started properly.
  • Some buttons may not be displayed when the PresetList screen is made a separate window.
  • The data migration may not be performed normally when importing setting data.

Aug. 2020 Ver.1.3.7

  • AW-UE4 and AW-UE100 has been supported.
  • Preset List screen has been added.
  • You can display each tab of the display, main, and preset list screens on a separate window.

Jun. 2019 Ver.1.1.21

  • AW-HE42 / AW-HE68MC /(AW-HE75) are supported.

Dec. 2018 Ver.1.1.20

  1. AW-UE150 / UE155 are supported.
    • Full screen display of H.264 stream is possible only when the setting for Streaming Mode is as follows.
      H.264(UHD) / H.264 / JPEG(UHD) / NDI HX
  2. Improved other functions
    • CPU utilization is high. This problem is fixed.
    • If you log in when a large number of cameras (60 – 80 units or more) are registered, the error message “Tracking Control process stopped. Start again.” repeatedly appears so that the app cannot be used. This problem is fixed.
    • Zoom operation is repeatedly performed using on-screen range specification function and exceeds the T-end. The behavior of the Zoom on this occasion is improved.
      Ver. 1.1.10: Back to W-end
      Ver. 1.1.20: Fixed at T-end

Jul. 2018 Ver.1.1.10

  1. Control of the camera's Pan /Tilt /Zoom /Full screen by clicking /touching the screen.
  2. Control of the camera by operating the keyboard or the game controller.

System Requirements

• OS

Sharepoint browser plugin mac download

  • Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit, Ver.1.4.24 or later supports only 64bit)
  • Windows 10 (32bit/64bit, Ver.1.4.24 or later supports only 64bit)

On Windows 8.1, some security programs need to updated.
(Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows )

• PC

  • CPU: Core i5-2520M 2.50GHz or higher
  • Memory: 4GB or more

• Supported Cameras

  • Integrated Camera
    AW-UE100, AW-UE4, AW-UE150 / UE155, AW-HR140, AW-HE130, AW-HE40/65, AW-UE70, AW-HE35, AW-HE38, AW-HE48, AW-HE58,
    AW-HN130, AW-HN40/65, AW-HN38, AW-UN70, AW-HE42/AW-HE68MC/(AW-HE75)
  • Control Assist Camera
    AG-UMR20/AG-UCK20, AG-MDR25/AG-MDC20
  • Confirmed version of camera's firmware
    • AG-UMR20/AG-UCK20:V1.11 or later
    • AG-MDR25/AG-MDC20:V1.11 or later
    • AW-UE150 / UE155
    • AW-HE130 series:V2.23 or later
    • AW-HR140:V1.09 or later
    • AW-UE70 series:V1.38 or later
    • AW-HE40/70/65 series:V1.68 or later
    • AW-HEA10:V1.16 or later
    • AW-HE42/AW-HE68MC/(AW-HE75)
    • AW-UE4: Ver. 1.47 or later
    • AW-UE100

Main Features

  • Control of the camera’s Pan /Tilt /Zoom /Full screen operations by clicking /touching the screen
  • Control of the camera by operating the keyboard
  • Control of the camera by operating the game controller that is made in other company
  • Image of PTZ camera is displayed on the top screen and panorama still image considering the usage environment is displayed on the bottom screen, and PTZ operation is performed.
  • Control of the camera’s Pan/Tilt/Zoom operations via buttons or sliders
  • Registration/Call/Deletion of the camera’s presets (up to 9 presets)
  • Adjusting the camera’s image qualities (Focus, Iris, Gain, White Balance, Shutter, ND Filter)
  • Starting/Stopping the camera’s SD recording
  • Opening the camera’s web screen
  • (In the case of the operations below, simultaneous control of multiple cameras is possible.)
    • Control of the camera’s Pan/Tilt/Zoom operations via buttons or sliders
    • Registration/Call/Deletion of the camera’s presets (up to 9 presets)
    • Adjusting the camera’s image qualities(Focus, Iris)

Other Features

  • Camera network settings are possible.
    Easy IP Setup Plus app is included in Ver.1.4.24 or later, and more detailed camera settings are possible.
  • The restriction of functions is possible by user rights.
  • The transfer of setting data is possible between PCs.

Please refer to the Operation Manual for more information.
Operation Manual (ENGLISH)
Operation Manual (CHINESE)


Software programs used to remotely control DSLR and system cameras yield a significant boost in camera performance. Particularly in photomicrographic applications, these programs enable users to capitalise on all of the camera’s strengths. They make it possible to achieve excellent image quality without motion blurs, and operating the camera’s controls via the computer monitor is both convenient and efficient. Since many camera manufacturers offer remote control software, their cameras are generally better suited for microscopy applications.

The connection between computer and camera is usually made via USB cable, wireless LAN interface or wireless LAN adapter. This enables all of the camera’s functions and most of its control settings (for features such as Live View, exposure, white balancing and shutter release) to be accessed and controlled remotely from the user’s PC workstation. As the images can be transferred directly to the PC’s hard drive and stored there, a camera-based memory card is often no longer needed.

Some manufacturers also offer apps for controlling cameras remotely via iPad/tablet or smartphone. However, the range of capabilities provided by such tools does not even come close to that of software programs designed specifically for PCs or Macs. For your convenience, test reports on the key software programs currently available on the market are provided on our website.

At present, remote control software is available for the following camera brands:

included free of charge with the camera

priced at around € 140.00

Ptz Controller Software Free

available free of charge

available free of charge, but unfortunately without Live View display

available free of charge

Not tied to any particular brand


New LM Digital Adapter for:

Ptz Control Software

/ / /

Ptz Camera