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Tagging us - @reddit mods on discord - Messaging the Mod team on Reddit - Making a post in the Discord redditupdates chat which can be found in the Sizebox Discord - Direct Message me - u/reolr. Posts will be made in the Reddit Discord text channel notifying members when there is an update made to this post! Aug 27, 2019 Sizebox is a size sandbox game, where you can create scenes with 3D models, play with the scale, do a body exploration, try to survive, or just see them destroying cities from above. You also can mix and match micro/giantess stuff by having a micro city inside inside a room with different characters of multiples scales.

This is part one of a two part story. The girls only get bigger so instead of uploading this and then continue work on the second, I decided to finish both videos and upload them at once. Let me know what you think. To anyone involved in making the materials that appear in this video available in Sizebox: Thank You.
A giantess growth video made by playing the game Sizebox. The game allows you to spawn all kinds of things and then manipulate their size. The game was developed by the incomparable Aiiko&co, links below.
I made an effort to trace creators and to credit them for the use of their materials. I apologize for any errors or omissions in the below list and would be grateful if notified of any corrections.
⦁ Sizebox CE Windows x64 - For info and download check https://www.reddit.com/r/Sizebox/ or https://discord.gg/NDbVE85 or ftp://sizebox.org/.
⦁ Nico Robin models pack by KBonez (https://mega.nz/#F!Vk9igSrA!-2zmo4P2AmtsJ4Jm0dLygA).
⦁ Debolte Spurt Script 2.1, details through one of his YouTube uploads, e.g. https://youtu.be/3vb8j1npZS8 .
⦁ Airport: https://mega.nz/#!t8IlAZQA!mXuitAB5tecMACzEqvaRSV7TBl888CCmLAw1Own2C1g;
⦁ Train: train stage 77.object;
⦁ Spa: _HotSpring.object from the Stages pack (https://mega.nz/#!8eZijaqD!LmNAeRkG5JGmTHxSJDnk4amwJqNgA4BFD37_iPJcYfM) by Anonymous;
⦁ Sports hall: school gym_stage.object can be found as [MMD] Gym Stage [Download] by holyprussia.
⦁ City: skycity.object .. I Ctrl+F'd (for 'sky') my way through Discord and Macrochan, but I cannot find it anywhere. Please let me know if you know who is responsible for it. It's great.
⦁ Bar: _bar.object from the Stage Pack 2 (20 stages) posted by Xeno: https://mega.nz/#!lTgiBbwa!Rjm1H9VuXpNwypT1mC16d_2fsYl25FQR_qHRuzO8cXw
All ambient sounds were obtained through freesound.org:
⦁ Glasgow City Ambiences by iamazerrad;
⦁ Small Crowd pre-concert talking party bar walla talking by JohnsonBrandEditing;
⦁ Applause Two.wav by Littleboot;
⦁ Outside the city in autumn.wav by Tarquam;
⦁ Pool Area.wav by PsychoPancake;
⦁ atmosphere.wav by 13F_Panska_Tlolkova_Matilda;
⦁ Piano Transition [ 1 ] by NenadSimic;
⦁ NightCity hum 01 130212.wav by klankbeeld;
⦁ SFX FEEDBACK.wav by Jazzinda;
⦁ MTA_TrainArrive_StationAmb.wav by exuberate.
⦁ BirdBrainz by Otis McDonald
Our hero has a chance encounter on a train, decides to help a stranger and ends up as a toy for a gang of sisters increasing in size. The girl grows into a giantess.
I used to go to any place that had Sizebox files and raid it by just grabbing everything and anything and then start recording. This way I never knew who was behind the stuff I used.
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[Sizebox] Giantess Growth - Expansive Dreamer [VOICED]

Ik multimedia modo. Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/sizeboxgrowthanimator Website - https://tinyurl.com/growthanimator Discord - https://discord.gg/aZd2We..

Дата загрузки:2018-09-02T16:00:04+0300


Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/sizeboxgrowthanimator
Website - https://tinyurl.com/growthanimator
Discord - https://discord.gg/aZd2We3
Voice Cast:
Teto - Trina Deuhart
Support Trina Deuhart on her youtube channel!
Teto - Tda Teto Off - InoriAruma
Sizebox Maps
Potion - Potion Bottles - Littlemisshorror
Table - Table V2 - The-Horrible-Mu
Sizebox V2.1.6 - Thanks to Aiiko & the new Dev team for the fantastic game!
None used
Fonts - “Emily’s Candy”

Downloads - Sizebox - Reddit

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