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Astaroth - Goetia Demo Sigil - Men's ( Women's available on request ) From $19.00 Demon Gaap - Goetia Collection ( Sigils) From $28.66 1 2 3 Next ». Demons of the Goetia, their Seals and Abilities (Part 1) If you intend to call any evil spirit, you must know the seal of this spirit, which you must draw on parchment during the ritual. The following pictures show the seal of evil spirits from the goetia.


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(Seal in Gold.) KINGS.--(1.) Bael; (9.) Paimon; (13.) Beleth; (20.) Purson; (32.) Asmoday; (45.) Viné; (51.) Balam; (61.) Zagan; (68.) Belial.

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(Seal in Copper.) DUKES.--(2.) Agares; (6.) Valefor; (8.) Barbatos; (11.) Gusion;(15.) Eligos; (16.) Zepar; (18.) Bathim; (19.) Sallos; (23.) Aim; (26.) Buné; (28.) Berith; (29.) Astaroth; (41.) Focalor; (42.) Vepar; (47.) Vual; (49.) Crocell; (52.) Alloces; (54.) Murmur; (56.) Gremory; (60.) Vapula; (64.) Haures; (67.) Amdusias; (71.) Dantalion.

(Seal in Tin.) PRINCES AND PRELATES.--(3.) Vassago; (12.) Sitri; (22.) Ipos; (33.) Gäap; (36.) Stolas; (55.) Orobas; (70.) Seere.

(Seal in Silver.) MARQUISES.--(4.) Samigina; (7.) Amon; (14.) Leraje; (24.) Naberius; (27.) Ronové; (30.) Forneus; (35.) Marchosias; (37.) Phenex; (43.) Sabnock; (44.) Shax; (59.) Orias; (63.) Andras; (65.) Andrealphus; (66.) Cimeies; (69.) Decarabia.

Ars Goetia Sigils

(Seal in Mercury.) PRESIDENTS.-- (5.) Marbas; (10.) Buer; (17.) Botis; (21.) Marax; (25.) Glasya-Labolas; (31.) Foras; (33.) Gäap; (39.) Malphas; (48.) Häagenti; (53.) Caim; (57.) Ose; (58.) Amy; (61.) Zagan; (62.) Valac.

(Seal in Copper and Silver alike equal.) EARLS, or COUNTS.--(17.) Botis; (21.) Marax; (25.) Glasya-Labolas; (27.) Ronové; (34.) Furfur; (38.) Halphas; (40.) Räum; (45.) Viné; (46.) Bifrons; (72.) Andromalius.

(Seal in Lead.) KNIGHTS.--(50.) Furcas.

NOTE.--It will be remarked that several among the above Spirits possess two titles of different ranks; e.g., (45.) Viné is both King and Earl; (25.) Glasya-Labolas is both President and Earl, etc. 'Prince' and 'Prelate' are apparently used as interchangeable terms. Probably the Seals of Earls should be made of Iron, and those of Presidents in mixture either of Copper and Silver, or of Silver and Mercury; as otherwise the Metal of one Planet, Mars, is excluded from the List; the Metals attributed to the Seven Planets being: to Saturn, Lead; to Jupiter, Tin; to Mars, Iron; to the Sun, Gold; to Venus, Copper; to Mercury, Mercury and mixtures of Metals, and to Luna, Silver.

IN a manuscript codex by Dr. Rudd, which is in the British Museum, Hebrew names of these 72 Spirits are given; but it appears to me that many are manifestly incorrect in orthography. The codex in question, though beautifully written, also contains many other errors, particularly in the Sigils. Such as they are, these names in

72 Spirits Of Solomon

the Hebrew of Dr. Rudd are here shown. (See Figures 81 to 152 inclusive. )

Sigil Goetia

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