Because ShotPut Pro 6 delivers so much more that version 5, the upgrade is only $49 or $129 full price. In additions to all the new features, ShotPut Pro 6 runs faster than version 5. For more information visit Producer: Bruce Himmelblau Host: Sue Lawson Guest: Michelle Maddox, Imagine Products. ShotPut Pro 6 Windows – Common Questions August 24, 2017. Here are a few common questions we have gotten since ShotPut Pro 6 for Windows was released. Mars mips tutorial. If you have any others we can answer please post them here or email via the contact us form on the website! Offload Confidently. I would like to manually name each card before offload.

6-7-2021 v2021.1.3
  • Fixed drive ejection issue through drive details and auto-eject feature
2-16-2021 v2021.1.1
  • Updated login flow for activation
8-5-2020 v2020.1.4
  • Miscalculated offload size
  • PDF generation errors
1-28-2020 v2020.1.1
  • Updates Gmail email/sms routines to match the latest SDKs provided by Google
  • Updates FFmpeg (4.2.1)
  • SDK Updates:
    • ARRRAW (
    • Blackmagic RAW (1.4)
    • Canon CRM (2.3-R3)
    • Codex HDE Decoder (2.1.3)
    • RED (7.2.0)
7-24-2019 v2019.1.11
  • Occasional activation error
  • Update prompt
6-26-2019 v2019.1.8 *Requires a current Update Plan*
  • Redesigned 'Simple Mode' (replaces Destination Mode)
  • Enhanced GUI layout of traditional 'Preset Mode' including; Preferences, Settings and Present windows
  • About panel displays user information; first and last 5 characters of license code, license nickname and update plan expiration
  • MHL output added
  • Redesigned PDF reports; smaller and more compact, choose between 1 and 4 thumbnails, errored items move to the top of the report.
  • Allows notifications to be sent to multiple email addresses
  • Drag and drop capability added to destinations in presets
  • Added desktop sound notifications
  • Added ability for drive folder to display drive name rather than drive letter
  • Human error protection added for duplicate offloads to same path twice in one job, checks against all active presets
  • When a Job identifier is not specified, jobs using single card/folder/file will be autmoatically named the same as that card/folder/file
Shotput Pro 6
  • Bug related to card error causing creation/modification dates displayed incorrectly
  • Automated offloading improvements
  • Gmail API updated
  • CSV/TXT reports no longer reporting on directories
  • Bug not accounting for report space when destination space is checked, warns user if the offload is close or over available space.
  • Bug that caused automumbered folders to reset to 1 each day
7-24-2019 v2018.1.15
  • Occasional activation error
  • Update prompt
6-26-2019 v2018.1.13
  • Fixes minor activation bug
1-15-2019 v2018.1.9
  • Fixes bug that would some times allow stale drive info to stay present in the attached media interface
12-6-2018 v2018.1.6
  • Fixes deactivation bug when there is no internet connection
11-30-2018 v2018.1.5

Shotput Pro 6

  • New routines to check for updates

Shotput Pro 6

  • Bug that causes crash in thumbnail generation for some formats.
  • Bug that copied old metadata daemon to be the one included with release.
  • Issue that prevented metadata gathering if sources had illegal characters.
  • Bug in getting timecode for reports for some formats.
10-29-2018 v2018.1.1
  • Includes 12 months of updates
  • New activation
3-20-2018 v6.2.15
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a crash during report generation

Shotput Pro 6 Crack

11-27-2017 v6.2.7
  • Added sorting of attached media and subfolders.
  • Fixed timecode acquisition for metadata of certain QT ProRes files
  • Fixed squence sorting of thumbs within a video file.
  • Fixed drive detection for certain network drives
  • Fixed bug that would cause a hang in replication if Defender was in process of scanning files while they were being copied.
  • Various bug fixes

Shot Put Pro 6 Download

8-29-2017 v6.2.1
  • Activation is now valid among all user accounts on a computer
  • Presets can now be duplicated, exported and imported Bug
  • Fixed bug that occasionally resulted in misidentifying drive letters for card readers
  • Fixed bug that reversed file orders in reports
  • Other various bug fixes and reliability enhancements
6-22-2017 v6.2.0
  • Improved efficiency of checksum algorithms
  • Improved efficiency of replication routines
  • Added advanced setting to disable auotmatic bundling of queue items
  • Added additional error checking
6-7-2017 v6.1.1
  • New Activation System with web based deactivation
  • New GUI with right column status/progress
  • Pause/Resume offloads
  • Advanced naming options in Presets with combination schemes and nested sub-folders
  • Preset color coding, and sorting by color, name and in-use
  • Destination Drag & Drop mode for direct offloading
  • Information panels for each offload and drive
  • Offload priorty options for sequencing
  • EMail and SMS texting using Gmail system
  • Offload Identification naming
  • PDF reports with video metadata and thumbnails