The biggest change in QuickBooks® for Mac 2016 is hidden under the hood. A change in the way QuickBooks accesses the Mac’s memory, which previously required extensive modification of the entire code base, should make the application faster and more reliable. Although this took up the bulk of this year’s development cycle, the QuickBooks for Mac team also found time to add a few new features.

Fully ARC Enabled

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The 2016 version of QuickBooks for Mac was completely overhauled to take advantage of Apple’s run-time memory model called ARC, or Automatic Reference Counting. While this is largely invisible to the end-user, this required the team to rewrite portions of the code for every window, form and button – a massive undertaking. The end result should be quicker and more stable files. While testing this summer, there appeared to be fewer incidents of the infamous “Working…” alert.

New Timesheets

Both the Single Activity and the Weekly Timesheets have been overhauled. The Single Activity has a cleaner, more modern look, and the Weekly Timesheet now includes the ability to sort columns and print.

Resize columns on forms

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Not being able to adjust the column sizes on forms, such as invoices, has long been one of those small irritations for accountants used to working with the Windows version. Mariana PDF Free download. Previously, form columns only resized when the entire form window was adjusted; there was no control over individual columns. Now, users will be able to select and drag column separators to adjust column widths when working in all forms.

Envelope Printing

Quickbooks Mac 2016 crashes constantly in Mac OS Sierra We have identified a couple ways to get a crash on Sierra and are working on those. We are also working on a way to prevent the Apple 'exception' dialog from occurring so that we can get the data as to what is happening.

The Print Checks, Purchase Order Invoice and Sales Receipt windows now all include a Print Envelope Button. The envelope printing function includes a number of built-in templates, but can also use customized templates. The envelope template selection is controlled from the Preferences window.

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Import Transactions from Square

The transaction Importer, which was introduced in QuickBooks for Mac 2015, now includes the ability to import Sales Receipts from Square.

Last year’s release included many new features, including batch transaction importing, drill down on sales tax reports and a budget redesign. This year’s update was just as huge, but in a way that is not immediately obvious to the user. The redesign of the memory system should result in performance improvements that will benefit all accountants and their clients just as much as a showy new feature.

QuickBooks for Mac 2016 is included with your QuickBooks ProAdvisor® subscription. It will only run on Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite), or the soon-to-be released Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan).

Quickbooks Mac 2016

A number of other improvements have been made in QuickBooks for Mac 2016 including:

Resizable Columns in Forms


QuickBooks for Mac 2016 users can now resize columns on the various QuickBooks form templates. Row height automatically adjusts to the height of the data in those fields.


New Timesheet User Interface


QuickBooks for Mac Timesheets have a new look for 2016. Both the Single Activity Timesheet and Weekly Timesheet have been given this new look. They are cleaner and more modern in appearance, and feel even more like Apple Mac.


Redesigned Guide Me for 2016


The redesigned Guide Me found in QuickBooks for Mac provides helpful information when user hovers over an area in the program. The new Guide Me content will now display in the lower right of the screen and can be positioned to another location if desired.


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Changes in How QB for Mac operates.


QuickBooks 2016 underwent major 'technical changes to make use of Apple's Runtime Memory functionality called 'Automatic Reference Counting' which changes how memory is allocated and managed within the program. Even though this adaptation is very much 'behind the scenes, the application should operate more quickly and efficiently than in the past.


Quickbooks Mac 2016 Tutorial Youtube

Migration from Mac to QuickBooks Online


Quickbooks Mac 2016 Desktop

New for 2016 is a mechanism that (when implemented), will allow QuickBooks Mac Desktop users to migrate their data to QuickBooks Online.