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March 4, 2021 - PRLog -- QuickBooks for MAC is a locally-installed accounting software designed specifically for MAC . The accounting software combines the best of both worlds by joining together the feature set and accounting complexity of QuickBooks Pro with the ease of use and more modern UI of QuickBooks Online and other quickbooks versions which is help in improve and enhance of accounting solution.
Intuit QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2021 helps organize your business finances in one place so you can be more productive. It is simple to set up and use with step-by-step tutorials available online so you can be views there. Stay on top of invoices, manage expenses, get reliable reports for tax time, and import data from a spreadsheet. Improve your cash flow by sending statements with payment links that encourage customers to immediately settle their balances so its help in improve your business cash flow. Expedite your 1099 filing process electronically, without needing special, expensive forms or extra time to process and mail them. QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services helps you in manage all your business financial accounting needs on QuickBooks.
QuickBooks For Mac License
QuickBooks for Mac is priced at $399.99 starting and includes the following features:
  • Invoices and estimates
  • Expense tracking
  • Contact management
  • Accounts payable
  • Time tracking
  • Project management
  • Budgeting
  • Inventory
  • Inventory
  • 100+ reports
  • One user

QuickBooks for MAC: Best Options for 2021
Additional Users:
You can add up to three users to QuickBooks for Mac. The more users you buy, the more significant a discount you get on the software. Contact Intuit directly to learn how large of a discount Intuit is offering for additional users. So before the choosing these keep in mind these features.
Payroll: Unlike QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks for Mac does not integrate with QuickBooks Payroll. You can still purchase QuickBooks Payroll and use it as a stand-alone product, but it will not connect directly with your QuickBooks for Mac software. Pricing for QuickBooks Payroll starts at $45/month.QuickBooks Payments Much like with Payroll, QuickBooks for Mac does not integrate directly with QuickBooks Payments.
You can still use QuickBooks Payments as your merchant account provider, but there won't be a 'pay now' button or client portal for your invoices like there is in QuickBooks Online. Instead, users will have to click on a payment link you provide them with and go to a separate payment screen to pay their invoices.
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Intuit has just announced the release of QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2021. This year the product will only be available in e-tail and direct channels. QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2021 will not be available in traditional retail brick-and-mortar stores.

QuickBooks ProAdvisors with an Enterprise Software Bundle will be among the first recipients to be able to download the 2021 version of QuickBooks Mac Desktop on (or shortly after) September 8, 2020. Check your ProAdvisor Products tab for download availability.

Insightful Accountant has communicated with Intuit personnel, including product managers and developers, concerning the new features so we can give you a glimpse into the new version. This article provides a synopsis of those features. This is the second year in which I have posted the QuickBooks Mac Desktop summary separate from our QuickBooks 2021 Desktop 'Core' (for Windows) Summary because I realize that most of our readers who “love QuickBooks Mac” have little interest regarding the Windows versions.

Insightful Accountant will be including QuickBooks Mac Desktop in our SeptemberQB Talks webinar scheduled for 2 PM Eastern on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, when we discuss all of the QuickBooks 2021 versions. You can find out more about and register for that webinar here.

QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2021

For 2021 QuickBooks Mac Desktop has been enhanced to make receiving payments easier so you can boost your cash flow. A variety of features are aimed at streamlining the process whereby you can enhance your money-in. Optional QuickBooks Payments services and an internet connection may be required for several of these new features. Additional fees may apply. Subsequent to original publication Intuit posted a series of YouTube videos on these features, we have added the links to our summary for each feature.

Automated payment reminders

Easily set reminders for customers when their invoices are due. This feature is designed to save you from the manual task of following up on overdue invoices by automating the process of sending payment due reminder emails for you. You will easily schedule payment reminders along with configuring how you want the reminder emails to read. 'Video'


This feature requires QuickBooks Payments service which is sold separately.

Statement e-Payments

Send statements with payment links that encourage customers to immediately settle their balances via an online payment portal. 'Video'


Combine Invoice Emails

Quickbooks For Mac Update

Receive quicker payments by enabling customers to receive multiple invoices in just one easy to process email. With this new feature, you can transmit all of a customer’s invoices to them attached to a single Email without having to manually combine them outside of QuickBooks Mac. 'Video'


Just think of how much time this one feature will save you, and how your customers will over the fact that they no longer must open one email after another just to receive each of their invoices.

Sales Tax Codes

Record transactions using specific sales tax codes for out of state orders, multiple districts, and non-profit organizations. Quickly and easily identify all of your sales tax liabilities by specific sales tax codes on your Sales Tax Revenue Summary. 'Video'


e-File 1099s

Event admin. Electronically file 1099 forms, without needing special forms or extra time for processing and mailing them. Easily determine if e-filing is right for you, and print copies of 1099s even if you do e-file. If your state participates in the combined federal/state e-filing program, e-filing your federal 1099s can simplify your state filing too.


There are additional fees associated with this feature. An internet connection is required.

Email Templates

Create and reuse different templates for email communications with customers. 'Video'


Credit/Debit Card Refunds

Refund Merchant Service charges, with just 1-click, from within the Credit Memo in QuickBooks. No more having to visit an online Merchant Service portal. 'Video'


Company File Search

Easily find and open company files with the addition of a file search option. Believe it or not, Intuit has found that even QuickBooks Mac users sometimes can’t locate their Company files, so this new feature will make it much easier for any user to find and open their Company files even if they don’t know where they are located.

Restore Backup Workflow

Restore QuickBooks files quickly with a simple to use backup file restore wizard. I have always thought that the process of restoring a QuickBooks Mac Backup was in many ways easier than restoring a QuickBooks (for Windows) Backup, because of the way that ‘Mac’ creates backup files (as a disk image). But apparently, some QuickBooks Mac users have indicated that they felt the process was too cumbersome, so for 2021, there is a new Restore Backup Wizard intended to streamline the process. 'Video'


If you are interested in our summary articles on QuickBooks Desktop 2021, or QuickBooks Enterprise v21 (2021), you can access those features using the Related Links at the bottom of this article.

Quickbooks For Mac 2021 Tutorial

Print Report Row Color Shading

QuickBooks Mac 2021 now offers color shading by rows when printing reports. While the shading is very subtle it is intended to offset report rows from one another to make them more easily identified and set them apart from one another.


An example of such a color row shaded report can be seen below. 'Video'


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Quickbooks For Mac Features

Special thanks go out to Intuit's Mindy King in providing information and graphics, as well as responding to my questions specific to QuickBooks Mac 2021 Desktop. Without her, this article would not have been possible.

Quickbooks For Mac 2021 Tutorial

Thanks also to my good friend Laura Madeira who allowed me to cross-check my articles for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise with advance copies of her features to make certain that we were consistent in providing accurate information regarding the 2021 release. Laura, and her co-author Karen Siewert, have written three separate articles this year covering different aspects of the QuickBooks 2021 release, please be certain to check them out at Intuit's Firm of the Future blog:

I also want to thank the following Intuit personnel for their dedication in providing information, numerous briefings, and responding to my questions, as well as in guiding the actual product developments within QuickBooks Desktop and this release: Rachna Arya, Nipun Bhatia, Aditya Dixit, Sowmya Murthy, Madhumita Tayade, Muthuraj Thangavel, Tulasi Vijay Kumar Thulluru, and Raman Verma. I also want to say thanks to Michelle Berg, Mindy King, and Shawn Sturgeon from Intuit for additional product briefings and information along with the various members of Intuit's Alpha & Beta Product Testing Teams for QuickBooks 2021.

Of course, there are entire teams, composed of hundreds of Intuit personnel behind all of these people that make the magic happen and we so often forget to say, thank you, to them, so to all involved, “Thank You for Another Great Product'!

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