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So recently i found my first ever mc world from beta 1.7 and i lost it during 1.1 so when i found it i roamed around in it using 1.1 and out of curiosity i cecreated it in 1.16 to find out the seed but i didnt actually recreate it and i think it corrupted it so it resets the world if i try to update it to 1.2+ i want help with trying to fix the problem because i want to use it as my main.

  • Download the closest version above or equal to what you're playing. So for example, if you're playing Alpha 1.2.6, grab the Beta 1.501 one. Infdev 20100618. The pack includes a custom font, but you'll need a patch to use it. They can be hard to come by, I couldn't find one.
  • Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 Plus To Modern. Added new dimension overworldplus to Modern Alpha Plus, which generate both Alpha and Winter Mode biomes. Fortunately, theres a preview version of Optifine out for 1.16.2 already. I apologize for the confusion.
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Click to download Minecraft a.1.2.6 for free now! If you are looking for a new Minecraft version to master, then this one will suit your desire. In Minecraft a.1.2.6 free download, you will experience new extra additions, features, and various stuff that aim to better your adventure. Also, with this Minecraft Java Edition version a.1.2.6 released on December 2nd, 2010, you will find it easier to go deeper into the Minecraft world where you can show off your creativity and other skills. Download it now to experience it all!

Minecraft Alpha v1.2.6

Java Edition

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 Mods Pc

December 3, 2010

Minecraft Alpha 1.16

Realms, Bedrock Edition

Download Minecraft Alpha v1.2.6

Download Minecraft Alpha v1.2.6 For Client

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AlphaPlace is a Minecraft Alpha server in 2021 dedicated to our players nostalgia. The server was started on April, 7th, 2019. We have been using our current world for 478 days (As of 8/12/2021) and our player record is 102.

The server is running on Minecraft Beta v1.1_02, BUT WAIT! Beta 1.1_02 is the same as alpha 1.2.6 but with server side inventory which prevents normal players spawning in items and duping, which would ruin the server. The server's ip address is AlphaPlace.tk or AlphaPlace.net (both work).

You can join the Minecraft server by following the tutorial on the website.

Subcribe to AlphaPlace Official on YouTube.