1. Aug 18, 2018 Mercury F6 Ml 2015 Owner Manual. View and Download Miele NOVOTRONIC W 1918 operating instructions manual online. Miele Washer User Manual. NOVOTRONIC W 1918 Washer pdf manual download. Operating instructions for the W 1918 Washing Machine In order to protect yourself. The door open, contact the Miele Service Department. 4 Remove the wash.
  2. It seems my Miele W1918 washer needs a new drum bearing. By the looks of it, not a small job.

Technical Information W1900 Series Clothes Washers 1.3 Technical Data W1903 W1918 W1926 W1930 W1966 W1986 Height 331/4” – 337/8” 331/4 –.

Miele w 1918 service manual download
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Operating instructions
W 1918
To prevent accidents
and machine damage, ö
read these Operating Instructions
before installation or use. M.-Nr. 05 047 650

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Contents Contents Guide to the machine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Important safety instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Preparation for use Help protect our environment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Operating instructions Optimal usage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Guide to the machine Guide to the machine 1 Supply cable 5 Control panel 2 High pressure intake hoses 6 Drum door 3 Flexible drain hose, with detachable 7 Access panel for lint filter and drain swivel elbow pump 4 Detergent dispenser drawer 8 Four height adjustable legs 3

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Guide to the machine Detergent dispenser drawer Compartmenti - for the pre-wash. Compartmentj - for the main wash. Compartmentp (with lid) - for fabric softener or starch. b “Delay start” button. f Pushbuttons for additional functions. c Time display “hours, mins”. g SPIN SPEED SELECTOR switch. d “Door” button; h PROGRAM SEQUENCE indicators opens the drum door. (LED indicator lamps). e “ON/OFF” button; i PROGRAM SELECTOR switch. Turns the machine on and off or interrupts a program. The “On” lamp

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Important safety instructions Important safety instructions WARNING - To reduce the risk of fire, 9. Do not add gasoline, dry-cleaning electric shock, or injury to persons solvents, or other flammable or while using your appliance, follow basic explosive substances to the wash safety precautions, including the follow- water. These subtances give off ing: vapors that could ignite or explode. 1. Read the instructions before using 10. Under certain conditions, hydro- the appliance. gen gas may be p

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Help protect our environment Help protect our environment Disposal of an old appliance Warning - To reduce the risk of fire, Old appliances contain materials that electric shock, or injury to persons, can be recycled. Please contact your read the IMPORTANT SAFETY IN- local recycling center about the possi- STRUCTIONS before operating this bility of recycling these materials. appliance. Before discarding an old appliance, Disposal of the packing unplug it from the outlet and cut off material its

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Miele W 1918 Service Manual Download

Optimal usage Optimal usage The key to good wash results is finding Economy the correct combination of detergent To conserve energy, remember the fol- and temperature, and then allowing the lowing tips: washing machine to optimize their us- – The automatic load control feature age through its programming. Program will adjust the water level for loads up lengths can vary for this reason. to 11 lbs (5kg). Washing with the The fully electronic controls offer a com- maximum load specified for each b

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Preparing the Laundry Preparing the Laundry The headings numbered (1,2,3,..) Dark fabrics often contain “excess dye” show the operating sequence and can and should be washed separately sev- be used as a brief guide. eral times before being included in a mixed load. Before washing Delicate fabrics should be washed sep- arately using the FINE/DELICATES pro- 1 Prepare the wash load gram. Only wash wool or wool mixtures if they are labeled machine washable on the textile care label. ^ Pre-treat the

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Preparing the Laundry 2 Press the “Door” button to open To start a program the door 1 Turn the program selector 3 Load the machine to Finish / Start Unfold the laundry and place it in the 2 Press the “ON/OFF” button drum. For best results we recommend 3 Press any desired “Additional washing mixed loads consisting of both function” pushbuttons large and small items. This improves washing effectiveness and helps dis- (See the “Delay start” section if this fea- tribute the load evenly to keep the m

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End of Program End of Program After washing 4 Remove the wash. 1 Turn the program selector switch to “Finish/Start” 2 Press the “ON/OFF” button. 3 Press the “Door” button. Do not attempt to remove laundry from the machine if the drum is turning. You may seriously injure yourself. If the drum turns with the door open, contact the Miele Service Department. 5 Check the folds in the door seal for any small articles such as buttons or nails which may be lodged there. Make sure the drum is empty by ma

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Changing the program sequence Changing the program sequence To cancel a program: To omit a program stage: ^ Turn the program selector to A program stage must first be reached “Finish/Start”. to be omitted. When the sequence indi- cator lamp of the program stage you would like to omit illuminates: To interrupt a program: ^ Press the “ON/OFF” buttton. ^ Turn the program selector to “Finish/Start” To continue the program, turn the ma- chine back on. As soon as the program sequence indi- cator lamp

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Adding detergent Adding detergent Powder detergent should be added to It is important to use the cor- compartmentj (main wash) and rect amount of detergent, be- compartmenti (pre wash, if selected) cause.. at the beginning of each wash cycle. Due to the design of the Miele 1/3 to 1/2 ..too little detergent can result in: the manufacturer’s recommended – gray laundry amount of detergent is plenty for excel- lent wash results. – grease/stains not being removed – lime deposits on the heating ele-

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Adding fabric softener or starch Adding fabric softener or starch If fabric softener is desired, it will work At the end of the program a small more effectively and be gentler on the amount of water will normally remain in clothes if it is dispensed in the final compartmentp. A high water level in rinse cycle of the wash, rather than in this compartment, however, may indi- the dryer with softener sheets. To auto- cate that the dispenser drawer was matically dispense fabric softener: opened, or t

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Miele W 1918 Service Manual Pdf

Miele W 1918 Service Manual

Program selection Program selection Program Temperature Fabric range COTTONS 85 - 105°F For dark colored items. For cotton fabrics without 105 - 120°F For light colored items. special finishes. 140 - 190°F Exclusively white items. PERMANENT PRESS 85° For dark fabrics which are a blend or 100% For cotton blends, polyester synthetic fabrics. blends and synthetics such 105 - 120°F For light colored cotton or synthetic items. as acrylic, nylon and ramie. 140°F For white polyester/cotton items. FINE/

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Program selection max. load Additional options Normal wash cycle Rapid wash available cycle 11 lbs Pre-wash Available Available Water plus Gentle wash 4.5 lbs Pre-wash Available Available Water plus Gentle wash 2 lbs Pre-wash Available Available Gentle wash 2 lbs Available – 11 lbs Available – Available – Available – 11 lbs Available – 15

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Program sequence Program sequence COTTONS PERMANENT FINE/ PRESS DELICATES (1) (1) (1) Pre-wash Selectable Selectable Selectable (1) (1) Main wash ß ß ß Interim rinse ßß - Graduated rinse – ßß Number of rinses 4 3 3 Rinse and interim spin ß –– (2) Graduated spin rpm max. 800 –– (2) (2) Final spin rpm max. 1600 max. 900 max. 600 “Without final spin” available ßßß “Gentle wash” Selectable Selectable Selectable Wash rhythm normal normal normal (1) (1) Water level – wash low low high (1) – rinse low

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Miele W 1918 Service Manual Instructions

Program sequence WOOLENS Starch Spin Fine rinse – ß –– ß ––– –––– –––– 2– –2 –––– –––– (2) (2) max. 1200 max. 1600 max. 1600 max. 900 ßß – ß – ß –– Woolens normal – – low low – – low – – high 38 min 18 min 7 min 14 min Graduated spin: The speed is gradually increased, until the final spin speed is reached. Final spin: The maximum spin speed is held constant for a fixed period of time. In the program PERMANENT PRESS, WOOLENS and Fine rinse the spin speed is automatically limited to 900 rpm and in

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Textile care symbols Textile care symbols Some clothing manufacture’s place tex- / Hand wash tile care symbols on their products. The h do not wash following is an explanation of some of these symbols. ABC dry clean only D do not dry clean Washing (°C) y suitable for chlorine 987 COTTONS bleaching 4321 PERMANENT PRESS z not suitable for chlorine bleaching 21 FINE/DELICATES a@ WOOLENS Tumble dry The significance of the bar beneath the q at normal temperature wash tub is: r at low temperature no b

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Additional options Additional options By using the pushbuttons to select one The “Water plus” option is available in or more additional options, basic pro- the following programs: grams can be tailored to the type of – The wash and rinse cycle in COT- laundry being washed. TONS. – The wash cycle in PERMANENT PRESS. “Gentle wash” – Drum movement is reduced by half for gentle washing of slightly soiled laundry items, or delicate fabrics When the “Door” button is pressed, the which otherwise tend t

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Delay start/Time remaining indicator Delay start/Time remaining indicator Time display “H:min” Remaining time The display will count down the time re- The Time display has a dual function. maining in the wash program in one – It shows the time remaining in the minute increments as soon as: wash program, and – A program is selected, or – it shows the programmed “Start de- lay” remaining before the program – The time delay reaches zero. begins. Delay Start Upon turning on the machine, the “De- lay