Microsoft's new features for Teams help improve student engagement.

What you need to know

Microsoft teams student guide
  • Microsoft announced several new education features on National Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • A new Reading Progress feature in Microsoft Teams helps students practice reading in a secure environment.
  • Several of the new features help improve student engagement and focus on student well-being.

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and Microsoft just announced several new features to help educators. We already covered Minecraft: Education Edition Camps and Club and the fact that Microsoft Teams can integrate with Minecraft: Education Edition. In addition to those, Microsoft announced Reading Progress for Microsoft Teams and several new tools to improve student engagement and support student well-being. Microsoft outlines all of the new features in an education blog post.

Reading Progress is a tool to help improve reading comprehension. It allows students to record themselves in a safe environment as they practice their reading. Teachers can then review student progress, assess accuracy with its built-in auto-detect features, and analyze results.

Reading Progress integrates with the Education Insights dashboard, so teachers can easily track the progress of students. For example, educators can look at accuracy rate, correct words per minute, and mispronunciations for specific students or an entire class.

If you have Microsoft 365 for students license, you also can create the team. Generally, you can view Create a team after you click ' Join or create a team '. For your current situation, you can sign in Teams web app to check if you can create the team. Microsoft Teams is free for education giving universities and higher education institutions a single hub to collaborate real-time on documents, chat, meet online and integrate with educational apps. Teams Quick Start guide for educators and students. Check out the Education Help Center and the Microsoft Educator Center for additional Office 365 Education resources.

Wirecast. Students and teachers with Microsoft Teams for Education will be able to use Reading Progress ahead of the next school year.


To help improve student engagement, educators will be able to organize students into assignment groups. Educators will also be able to integrate a 'variety of third-party apps directly in Teams,' though Microsoft doesn't specify which new integrations are on the way.

Microsoft also highlights its free Reflect app within Microsoft Teams that lets educators regularly check in with students. Reflect helps students label emotions and improve their ability to communicate their feelings. These insights can help students understand how emotions can affect learning. OneNote and Teams also have tools to improve student well-being, such as praise badges and sticker packs.

To help protect students, Microsoft is rolling out a Supervised Chat feature within Teams. Educators can prevent students from starting new chats unless an appropriate educator is present while they speak with other students. The feature should make it easier for school staff to monitor discussions. The feature will be available in May.

Microsoft Teams Student Guide

All students need an inclusive, supportive space to learn and navigate different challenges—both in the classroom setting and outside of it. This is especially valuable in remote or hybrid learning environments, where social cues may be harder to detect. At BettFest 2021, an annual global event held virtually this year, educators discussed the importance of creating open communication with students to better understand their social and emotional health.

Microsoft Teams Student Guide

That’s the idea behind Reflect, a free app coming this spring to Microsoft Teams, that uses polling to help educators strengthen relationships with students and gain insight into their well-being. Reflect, which will also integrate with Education Insights, enables educators to share questions designed to support social and emotional learning. These can be specific questions like, “How are you feeling about the material we covered today?” or more routine check-ins like, “how did this week feel for you?” Educators can customize poll settings for different topics and privacy preferences.

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The polls, which can be added to a class team, allow educators to open a dialogue with students, invite them to share their feelings, and offer the support students need to be creative and confident learners. With Reflect, the school community can foster connection, empathy, and community-building communication by reaching out and inviting students and colleagues to express themselves regularly.

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Learn more about Reflect and other Teams features that were highlighted at BettFest 2021. If your school does not already have Microsoft Teams, don’t miss out—sign up for free today.