The vehicle repair receipt is written proof of payment for services rendered to a car by a mechanic or auto repair shop. The receipt should detail each repair and service that was performed on the vehicle as well as the cost of each service. A comprehensive list of all repairs will allow the owner to make sure they aren’t paying for any superfluous charges. If the owner of the vehicle has insurance, this information should also be included on the receipt. Once the repairs have been made and the owner has the receipt, they can file a claim with their insurance company and hopefully write-off some of these costs.

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What Is Auto Repair Invoice? An auto repair invoice is a record that contains information about a work done in a client’s automobile. Depending on the work done by the shop, it could vary from from cars, motorcycles, and trucks. This document lists the type of job invoice and the corresponding price as agreed between the customer and the owner. Auto Repair Invoice Template is a free blank auto repair invoice form that allows you to create auto repair invoices with easy and quick. The auto repair invoice form includes fields for vehicle information. The auto body (Mechanic) invoice is a document that is completed by any mechanic, who has been authorized by their client, to perform auto body services. The document will provide information with regard to the mechanic’s location and contact information, contact.

Auto Repair Invoice – A demand for payment before or after repairs have been made on a vehicle.

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – You Should Download The Car (Vehicle) Receipt From This Site

The receipt required to document a car repair transaction can be saved using any of the links above (after the word “Download” above or by selecting the appropriate button next to the image on this page.

2 – Identify The Mechanic Or Garage That Has Effected Repairs

The first part of this header will need the exact “Date” this receipt is generated in response to the Customer payment. The first blank line in the top right-hand part of this page (labeled “Date”). The reference number used as a way to identify this document in the Mechanic’s files (and the Customer’s) should be entered on the blank line labeled “Receipt” number. Once you have accessed this document turn your attention to the top left part of this page. Here, we must identify the Mechanic Shop issuing this receipt. The blank space labeled with the words “Company Name” will need this information. This can be the name of a business entity or the name of an individual depending on how the business is run but it must be the legal name of entity that has repaired the vehicle and accepted the payment we will detail.

The Mechanic’s business address must be included in this area. This method of contact should be displayed utilizing the two blank spaces labeled as “Street Address” and “City, State, Zip”

The next two items that must be supplied to this section will be the telephone number where the Mechanic Shop or Garage receives business calls. The spaces labeled “Phone” and “Fax” have been set to this area to accept this information. Similarly, we will now supply one more method of contact information. Input the “Email” and “Website” maintained by the Mechanic’s Business on the last two blank lines.

3 – Record Details Regarding The Customer And His Or Her Insurance

The party that has commissioned the vehicle repairs from the Mechanic will need its information presented in the section titled “Customer Information.” The first line in this section is labeled “Company Name” and is reserved for the full legal name of the Customer. Follow through with this identification process by using the “Street Address” and “City, State, Zip” lines as place to display the Customer’s address information. Likely, the Customer has disclosed his or her telephone number. Input this on the blank space “Phone.”The final blank spaces will concern themselves with the vehicle. The first of these must have the official Driver’s License number entered on the space attached to the word “License,” while the next blank space will require you to record the year the vehicle was made, its make (who manufactured it), and its model on the line labeled “Year, Make, Model” The next section, under the bold title “Insurance Information,” requires the exact name of the insurance company the Customer uses to insure the vehicle input on the blank line labeled “Company.” If a “Claim #” has been assigned to the cause of this repair by the concerned Insurance Company, then input it on the next empty space.

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4 – Define The Repairs And Money This Receipt Covers

Mechanic Invoice Doc

The portion of this document following the insurance information you record consists of a table. Here a quick report on the parts and labor this repair required can be clearly displayed. The first column will enable a report on the “Services Rendered.” Every row here must contain a summary of one repair action taken by the Mechanic on the vehicle at the request of the Customer. The adjacent column will enable you to give each of these services a specific “Price.” Record these values accordingly

The next segment of this table provides a definitive area where we can record every vehicle part that was charged to the Customer as a result of the repair. Each such part should be placed in the “Parts” column while the number that was ordered and the cost should be recorded in the “Qty/Price” column. Ideally, each part listed here will correspond to the service you listed on the same row. The column titled as “Total” will require a summary of the charges for each line. Thus, add the “Price” of each services with the total amount the Customer paid for each part. Each box in “Total” may only report the totals of one row. The “Subtotal” section of this table will need a sum of all the values entered in this column. Enter this sum to the box adjacent to this label. The next box down this column will require the “Tax Rate” that must be multiplied against the “Subtotal” while the following box (down the column) will need the result of this multiplication recorded as a dollar value. Finally, add the reported “Subtotal” to the “Total Tax” and make sure the resulting value is entered in the “Total” box. Notice the bottom left segment of the table we are working on. This area must be utilized to produce the Customer’s payment history for this job. The blank line corresponding to the label “Amount Paid” will need the dollar amount making up the payment being recorded. The “Amount Due” line will also require some minor arithmetic. Subtract the amount of money recorded in “Amount Paid” from the amount reported in “Total” then present this number on the “Amount Due” space. The checkboxes directly under the words “Paid By” concern themselves with the method the Customer used to submit this payment. Mark every checkbox that can be used to define this payment method. The choices are “Cash,” “Credit,” Check,” and “Other.” Notice that both “Credit and “Check” are followed by a parenthesis with the abbreviation “No.” Use the space attached to this to record either the check number or the credit card number the Customer submitted if either (or both) of these apply. Any “Other” method of payment should be defined on the blank space provided. The “Name(s) Of Service Person(s)” will enable a quick roster of the individuals who have worked on the Customer’s car. Note: If a team name is often used in the Mechanic’s business this can be supplied as well. Finally, the Mechanic or Customer Service Representative issuing this receipt must sign the “Authorized Signature” line then print his or her name on the “Printed Name” line beneath this.

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Mechanic Invoice Pdf

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When dealing with an auto repair business, there is little room for mistakes. Clients have high expectations and you need to make sure you meet them. That is why your invoices need to be professional, detailed, and accurate.

On-Device Preview

Check your invoice straight on your phone or tablet and make sure that it looks the way you want it to look. There are many auto repair programs out there that show you one thing on the screen, but the printed invoice is not the same. With ARI, your printer invoices will look the same as the preview on the phone.

Online Preview

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Even the most professional-looking invoice is useless if it does not reach your client. ARI guarantees several ways to send your auto repair invoice so that you can rest assured your client gets them.

Share your Digital Invoice (Recommended)

After you preview and verify that all info is correct, hit the Share button and send your invoice link to your client. Your client can then preview the invoice, sign it, and then pay online.

Send via Email

Do you want to send your invoice in PDF format? No worries, you can easily do that using the email functionality. The system will generate a pdf of your invoice and attach it to the email you will send to your client.

Send via SMS

Some clients might prefer SMS instead of email. If that’s the case, then you can send them a link to their digital invoice via SMS. They will be able to open it, review it, and even pay it.

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Hide Segments

You might want to hide the labor times from your invoice so clients don’t see that info. Or maybe you want to hide the car part number so that your clients won’t go to your competitor with that info and get a better deal without having to do their own research. All that can be done from ARI’s invoice settings section.

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