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Question or issue on macOS:

I have installed MacVim but I cannot figure out how to do some formatting things.

The screen shot below shows:

Here is what I would like to do:

This is my .gvimrc:

This is the color scheme for .jak files located in (~/.vim/syntax/jak.vim):

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

For the font issue (in .gvimrc):

will set the font in MacVim to Menlo, size 11.

As for the syntax highlighting, it might just be that the colorscheme you are using in console vim is not being picked up by MacVim:

Putting this command in .gvimrc will use the xoria256 colorscheme (for example). I have found that the colorscheme setting in .vimrc are not always picked up correctly.

Solution no. 2:

If you’d like to experiment with your font settings try

That will allow you to choose a font using the standard mac font window. Once you’ve found the font you like, type:

It will show you what the current setting is for guifont. Then you can type that into your .gvimrc.

Solution no. 3:

I’m not on a mac right now so I can’t find the exact reference for you, but I found that while playing around in the menus, one can manually change some of these settings… and then to bring up the configuration file to see what those settings translate to in words. As a result, I was able to add these lines to my standard ~/.vimrc (which Macvim does read), in order to change the font:

You should be able to find similar settings for colours very nearby.
(I’ll edit this answer when I get back to my mac to add more details… you’ll have to wait ~6 hours though.)

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Solution no. 4:

You can change the font with this command:

Macos terminal color scheme

The text color is a bit more complicated because it is syntax highlighting. But you can change this the same way you change the text color in any whatever version of vim you have used before. I use GVIM for Mac every day and I don’t notice any differences between it and GVIM for Windows, for example. For color schema changes might I suggest this great script:

Mac Vi Colored

It should give you a lot of great color schemes to try, and any of them can be easily edited, so it’s a good starting point. Good luck!

Solution no. 5:

Long story short: :h :hi (:h is a shortcut for :help, :hi for :highlight) and look for the guifg.

In your custom color scheme you define only cterm part – the guifg, guibg, etc are all missing. That’s why VIM in GUI mode is using default colors from your color scheme (:h :colo).

Best Vim Color Scheme

Hope this helps!