The Character Map utility is free on all Windows machines and can be used to copy and paste accented letters and other foreign language characters characters into any Windows application. The Character Map is similar to the Insert Symbol tool found in some Windows applications such as Microsoft Word.

To open the Character Map utility:

Windows 10 comes with a large library of keyboard layouts for different languages and you can add any keyboard layout you need to use. If you can’t find the right keyboard layout to suit your needs, whatever they might be, you can always create a custom keyboard layout. It’s surprisingly easy to create one. Welcome to the internet's premiere keyboard testing website. Our custom hand-coded testing software allows you to test every key on your computer keyboard within the comfort on your own browser. Simple, fast, efficient, and free, is the top choice of keyboard users around the world. Made in the USA. Nov 22, 2018 I've added most of the keybindings found in the latest RoR version (, please let me know if I've forgotten any. All credit goes to the original developers of RoRConfig, I just removed everything except the input mapping part.

  1. Click on the Start (Windows Icon) menu in the lower left, then select All Programs.
    Note: The CharMap is an application that can be found by search for applications
    Start Menu icon for Windows 7
  2. Select Programs » Accessories » System Tools » Character Map.
    TIP: If you use the Character Map a lot, you may want to make a Shortcut (alias) to it on your Desktop or add it to your Start menu.
  3. A window should open which displays a series of characters in a grid as in the images below.

Character Map in Different Versions of Windows

Windows 7

Windows 7 Character Map. The Vista Character Map has a similar appearance.

Windows 8

Windows 8 Character Map

Windows XP

Windows XP Character Map

In the Character Map

  1. Make sure that the Font from the dropdown list matches that of the document you are creating. If you doing some other function, such as filling out a Web form, select Times New Roman as the Font.
  2. Look in the grid for the symbol you want. If necessary, use the scroll bars on the right to view more characters.
    NOTE: Many Windows fonts include Cyrillic and Greek letters by default. For other scripts, use Arial Unicode or some other appropriate font.
  3. If the character you want is not in the grid, change the font to Arial Unicode MS, Tahoma, Times New Roman,
    or some other appropriate font.
  4. To narrow selection by Unicode block, check the Advanced View at the bottom to reveal additional menus. In the Group By menu, select a Unicode Subrange to open a pop-up. Click the block to see available characters in that font.
    Windows 7/Vista Character Map with Advanced options visible.
  5. Double-click on any character you wish to insert then click the Select button to make it appear in the Characters to Copy field. You can Select more than one character at this time.
  6. Highlight one or more of the characters in the Characters to Copy field you wish to insert then click the Copy button.

Character Map with “Select” and “Copy” buttons highlighted.

Pasting Symbol in Document

  1. Minimize from the Character Map window, and open or switch to the application window in which you wish to insert the character.
  2. Position your cursor in the location you wish to insert the character.
  3. Under the Edit Menu, choose Paste (or use the keyboard shortcut Control+V). The character should appear.
  4. If necessary, change the font of the inserted character to the one selected in the Character Map.


NoxPlayer provides a set of keyboard mapping for users to control the game with the smart key to make the game more simple and convenient. There are 12 keys totally in the keyboard configuration, which can be combined with each other and applied to different games according to different demands. There is the introduction of all keys as follows:


Keyboard Mapping Vista

Here is the icon.

D-pad is the direction control which means to control the moving direction by the keyboard, NoxPlayer sets the key of WASD by default, but users can also set it according to your habits.

How to use the key?

  • Click D-pad
  • Move it to the direction controller
  • Save the key

2. Single Click

Single-click is the keyset which allows users to tap the key to perform one click. Users can set any key in the keyboard to release a skill or finish one operation. Van helsing 123movies.

How to use the key?

  • Click 【Single click】
  • Drag the button to set the key
  • Save the key

Taking 【The King of Fighters ALLSTAR】as an example, NoxPlayer set QWE and ASD as the key to release a skill.

3. Multistrike

Multistrike is the keyset which allows users to tap the key to perform multiple strikes. There are two modes: 【Long press mode
andClick mode】. The difference between these two modes is that 【Long press modemeans to long-press to attack multiple times per second, and 【Click mode】means to perform multistrike by one click.

How to use the key?

  • Click 【Multistrike】
  • Drag the button and choose one mode
  • Set the key
  • Save the key

Keyboard Mapping Tool Online

4. Move Control

Keyboard Mapping Tool Windows 10

Move Control means to move with the right-click of the mouse in the MOBA game and supports to adjust the distance of moving, which will control and move the character more conveniently.

How to use the key?

  • Click 【Multistrike】
  • Drag to the direction control area
  • Adjust moving distance: the number indicates the distance, 47 is the default distance, you can choose to keep it or not according to your needs
  • Save the key

5. 【Shooting mode】

Shooting mode is the special mode for shooting in FPS games, which means you can hide the cursor and control the view with the mouse. In this mode, you can control the view more conveniently by moving your mouse directly. For more detailed information, click here.


Firemeans to fire a weapon with left-click in FPS game, such as PUBG, Free Fire. For more detailed information, click here.

7.【View Control】


View control means that users can move the sight in a first-person perspective by the keyboard ( especially in the 3D shooter game, such as Honkai Impact 3). Users can choose to set View Control by the mouse or keyboard according to different games. For more detailed information,click here.

8.【MOBA skill pad】

NoxPlayer has customized a set of special keymappings by MOBA skill pad just for MOBA games such as RoV (Arena of Valor), Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and so on, which will smart-cast the skill in the direction of the mouse cursor, so as to help players release the skill more precisely and control the character more conveniently. There are three modes for MOBA skill pad: 【Auto cast】【Quick cast】and【Manual cast】. For more detailed information, click here.

Auto cast】means to cast skill when releasing the key
Quick cast】means to cast skill when pressing the key
Manual cast】means that players need to press the key again or right-click to cast skill.

How to use the key?

  • Click 【MOBA skill pad
  • Drag the button and set the key. Note: remember to choose the mode.
  • Save the key

9. Script

Script/Macro is a series of actions based on the command of NoxPlayer that are “played” upon demand with one click. With the Script key, you could designate a string of actions to a single keystroke to simplify your operations in games. For more detailed information, click here.

10. G-sensor

G-sensor can simulate gravity sensor in motion sensor game, such as Doodle Jump. By setting the key, it will simulate the direction like the mobile phone.

How to use the key?

  • Click 【G-sensor
  • Drag the button(Note: the default key is ↑ ↓ ← →, you can change it according to your habits.
  • Save the key

11. GPS simulation

GPS simulation can simulate the movement of the real world in the AR+LBS game, such as 【Pokemon Go】and supports to set the moving speed, which canhelp you move all over the world. For instance, users can discover more Pokémon as soon as the function.

How to use the key?

  • Click 【GPS simulation
  • Drag the button and set a GPS route and adjust walking speed
  • Save the key

12. Zoom

Zoom can simulate the two-finger movement to help users to have better gaming experience. For many games, such as Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile, users can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out in games. For more detailed information, click here.

13. Opacity Settings

Opacity Settings means the sharpness and transparency that appears on the screen after setting the keyboard. The lower the transparency, the less obvious the key display on your screen. (we recommended set the value more than 20%)

14. Official Recommended Keyboard by NoxPlayer

For most of the games, NoxPlayer will recommend an official keyboard, users can choose to use the keyboard or customize your own keyboard. For more detailed information, click here.

15. Keyboard Configuration Import

NoxPlayer allows users to export the keyboard configuration and import the saved key-settings to the new emulator. For more detailed information, click here.