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This video will basically explain softban and how to get rid of it, ever wondered why your gps always drifts and you can't raid because of it. Softban and GPS drifting are the main causes.
Ill be showcasing some hacks and tricks to get around GPS drift and rubberbanding.
Softban Chart LINK:
How to prevent GPS Drift in a nutshell:
-Tap your joystick to refresh location
-Set autofix as on and to 15 second intervals.
Cooldown WILL reset if you do any of the following actions:
-Catch a Pokemon
-Use a berry on a Pokémon in catch screen
-Fight in a Gym
-Putting a Pokémon in a gym
-Spin a Pokestop/gym
-Using a berry on a gym Pokémon
-Finish a Raid and either feed a berry or try to catch the boss.
Cool down will NOT reset if you do any of the following actions:
-Teleporting in general. You can teleport as much as you want, just don’t DO any of the cool down
360 by deezer costco. -Click on a pokemon, without doing anything after. (shiny checking)
-Egg hatching
-Evolve/Upgrade a Pokémon.
-Using an item on a Pokémon.
-Receive rewards from a quest.
-Catching a quest Pokémon.
-Raid and then immediately run away from the catch screen (Used in speed raiding) You have to be off cooldown when you start this
-Sending/Receiving gifts
- Feeding berries to pokemon from a distance
-Switch from tweaked app to legit app in order to buy coins and then switch back.
If you are already on cooldown, these actions above can be done while you wait it out.
CREDS: - Breezer (Credits to Pokedex100 discord server)
r/spoofertrades for all your spoofing trading needs!
My Discord:
Useful Links:
Google play services link:
Google play services 12.6.85:
FGL Pro Store Link-
FGL Pro No ADs #1-
FGL Pro No Ads #2-*
Pokemon Go V0.115.2-
If you are having issues with FGL Pro Try https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.incorporateapps.fakegps_route
My name is urscrewed, and i hope you enjoy the video.
Thanks for watching! :)

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