Update it from iTunes on a computer as described at the bottom of this article; there isn't a Software Update option in General on iOS versions prior to 5.0. It can only be updated directly to the newest iOS release supported by the device’s hardware.

The iPod Touch (stylized and marketed as iPod touch) is a line of iOS-based mobile devices designed and marketed by Apple Inc. With a touchscreen-controlled user interface.As with other iPod models, it can be used as a music player and a handheld gaming device, but it can also be used as a digital camera, a web browser and for messaging. The iPod Touch adds the multi-touch graphical user interface to the iPod line and is available with 8, 16, or 32 GB of flash memory. It includes Apple's Safari web browser and is the first iPod with wireless access to the iTunes Store. The iPod Touch 3rd Generation was updated to include the upgraded internals from the iPhone 3GS. The iPod touch is the most widely used MP3 player in the world today. It's popular, though, because it's a lot more than just a way to play digital music. Since it runs the iOS, the same operating system used by the iPhone and iPad, the iPod touch is also a web browsing device, a communications tool, a portable game system, and a video player. The iPod Touch 3rd Generation was updated to include the upgraded internals from the iPhone 3GS. It features external volume controls, a built-in speaker, a contoured back, built-in Nike+, and Bluetooth support. Use the iPod identification system to help you identify your iPod. It's 2018 and it's gonna be 2019! Should you buy this iPod Touch 3rd Gen? In this video, you will find out! #iPod #Apple #iPod3rdgen #mp3playerTo d.

The maximum iOS version for the first generation iPod touch and original iPhone is 3.1.3.


Ipod Touch (32gb) - Blue (latest Model)

The maximum iOS version for the second generation iPod touch and the iPhone 3G is 4.2.1.

The maximum iOS version for the third generation iPod touch and original iPad is 5.1.1.

If you don't know what device you have, append the last three characters of its serial number to http://www.everymac.com/ultimate-mac-lookup/?search_keywords= and load the page.

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  • The iPod Touch (stylized, trademarked, and marketed as iPod touch) is a portable media player, personal digital assistant, and Wi-Fi mobile platform designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The product was launched on September 5, 2007, at an event called The Beat Goes On.
  • The iPod Touch (also known as the iTouch) is essentially a stripped down version of the Apple iPhone, it runs on iOS and has access to the App store, however it is not capable of making phone calls. Earlier models had even further limitations such as the lack of a microphone, speaker or camera.
Ipod Touch 3


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ipod touch 3 generation – Generation iY:

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Ipod Touch 32g

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Ipod Touch 3rd Generation


Ipod Touch 32gb 6th Generation

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