The iOS & iPadOS 13.2 SDK provides support for developing apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS & iPadOS 13.2. The SDK comes bundled with Xcode 11.2 available from the Mac App Store. For information on the compatibility requirements for Xcode. Now iOS 13.2.2 is here, and you can download it for yourself. Of course, by the time you read this we could have had three new releases and 16 new betas. Snark aside, updating to iOS 13.2.2 and iPadOS 13.2.2 is probably a pretty good idea even if you aren’t having any show-stopping problems just yet. Many Apple devices are in for new features with the introduction of iOS 13. Most notably, Apple is finally giving iOS users a Dark Mode. Dark mode changes the color scheme of your iPhone, making. Vendor: Apple Version: iOS 13.2 Release Date: Oct. 28, 2019 Emojis: 3175 iOS 13.2 was released on 2019-10-28 with added support for gender neutral options, people holding hands with various skin tones, as well as full Emoji 12.0 and Emoji 12.1 compatibility. For anyone running iOS 13.2 (or HomePod owners with the exclusive iOS 13.2.1 release) and suffering from this issue, installing iOS 13.2.2 is a necessary evil. But everyone else, stay away.

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Apple has speedup its minor version releases for iOS 13 series. You might be heard about iOS 13 major release and iOS 13.1 release which came up very recently within the last 2 months. This is kind of an awkward situation for most apple device users. Because they never expect such kind of rapid version releases for iOS 13. But here it is. Now Apple has released iOS 13.2 with many bug fixes and improvements.

As usual apple always keen to give some unique features with its minor version releases like iOS 13.2. iOS 13 came with iPhone 11 series. So this version came with much more advanced unheard functionalities. iOS 13 and its minor versions support iPhone 6S and later versions. So if you have an iPhone 6 or earlier version, It is time to upgrade your handset.

iOS 13.2 is coming with some notable feature improvements and bug fixes. First will look at new features and improvements coming with this latest software version.

Cydia Download iOS 13.2

Cydia is the most popular and reliable third-party app manager. With Cydia, you can install many external third-party apps. This third-party app store was developed by Saurik. Also known as Jay Freeman. So you can have many amazing third-party apps and tweaks with this app.

What is Jailbreak in Brief

Most of Apple device users always checking on jailbreaking. If you are not aware of jailbreaking, here is a brief introduction to the jailbreaking process. Normally apple devices are coming with some limitations imposed by Apple. These limitations are implemented to prevent installing un-authorized third-party external apps and improve device security and privacy. And also mobile apps will not be able to get full accessibility over the device operating system and hardware from these limitations. Most of the full-featured iOS apps are not available on the apple app store due to privacy policy violations.

Ios 13.2 Ipad

If you have a stock apple device, you can only get default features and options provided by apple and apple approved iOS apps that available on the app store. If you want to have unlimited features and options, you need to override these limitations. Jailbreaking is the solution. You can jailbreak your device and then you can install many advanced third-party apps and tweaks.

iOS 13.2 Jailbreak Status

There are many jailbreaking tools available. If you are going to install a jailbreak tool, First you should check your device iOS version and device version. And then you have to download the iOS version and device compatible jailbreak tool. Prominent jailbreak tool developers like Electra and Pwn20wnd provides jailbreak capability up to iOS 12.4. Is it possible to jailbreak iOS 13.2? Let's have a look.

Unc0ver Jailbreak

Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak supports up to iOS 12.4 with A12X Bionic chipset. A12X bionic chipset is coming with iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max. So unc0ver jailbreak supports up to iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max devices with iOS 12.4. What does that mean is iOS 13.2 jailbreak is still not available to the jailbreak community.

Chimera Jailbreak

Electra team’s Chimera jailbreak supports upto iOS 12.4 with A7-A11 chipset based devices. That means if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier device with iOS 12.4 you can jailbreak the device with Chimera jailbreak. And also this jailbreak tool supports up to A12 chipset based devices like iPhone X with iOS 12.4.1.

Ios 13.2 Ipad Mini 2

Checkra1n Jailbreak

Most recently, New Hardware base exploit came for apple devices up to iPhone X most recently after 9 years. This exploit is checkm8 and we can expect jailbreak developed using this exploit soon. Checkra1n is the jailbreak that uses this exploit. But this jailbreak tool will support up to iPhone X. Since checkm8 exploit supports up to iPhone X on any iOS version, Checkra1n will release their new update for iOS 13.2 jailbreak soon.

Cydia Cloud

Nothing to worry. Now you can install Cydia for iOS 13.2 with Cydia Cloud. Cydia Cloud supports almost all of the Apple devices including A13 bionic chip-based iPhone 11 series devices with iOS 13.2 on any iOS version.

iOS 13.2 Features

Deep Fusion

This is a computational photography upgrade for iPhone 11 series. There are three modes coming with this new deep fusion upgrade. And all of these modes will automatically applied according to the situation. So this feature kind of new feature only for iPhone 11 series. As you know, iOS 13 came along with iPhone 11. So basically Apple is always improving iOS 13 series along with iPhone 11.

Most iPhone 11 users are using iPhone 11’s advanced cameras. Ios 2. So, What are these methods available on the deep fusion upgrade?.

  • Smart HDR will use with the standard wide-angle lens on bright to medium light scenes. And Deep fusion will use for medium to low light and low light scenes. Additionally, Night mode will use for dark scenes as usual.
  • iPhone 11 has a telephoto lens. This lens will normally use deep fusion and will use Smart HDR only on the brightest scenes. And this lens will use Night Mode for dark scenes.
  • Another lens which is the ultrawide lens will typically use Smart HDR. It does not support Deep Fusion or Night Mode.
Siri Privacy Controls

Apple has promised to suspend the Siri grading program. 13.2 version is coming with a new splash screen that provides apple users the option to opt-out f sharing from iPhone, connected Apple Watch or HomePod. This update has another new feature, which is a toggle for “Improve Siri & Dictation” in the privacy section. And also you can delete Siri and dictation history from the settings app.

Ios 13.2 Update

New Emojis

There are new Unicode 12 standard emojis coming with iOS 13.2. This is another new addition to 13.2 update. More than 60 new emojis are coming with this version update. So if you are a person who uses emojis frequently, this is awesome news for you.

Ios 13.2
Delete apps from the Home Screen

In Apple HomeScreen when you long-press on an app icon, you can see app remove option. In 13.2, You can see the “Edit Home Screen” option along with the app delete option.

Change and Set Video Resolution and Frame rate in Camera App

In iOS 13.2 on iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, you can change the video recording resolution and frame rate within the camera app itself. This feature has been requested by many apple device users for a long time.

Announce Messages with Siri

This feature has been planned to publish with iOS 13 major updates. But somehow Apple has moved this feature to the new 13.2 update and now you can have this feature with iOS 13.2. This feature will enable the ability to hear incoming messages and also reply to those messages without saying “Hey, Siri”. But you need to have second-generation AirPods to get this feature experience. Navigate to Settings > Siri & Search to check this new Announce Messages menu. And there is another option available to reply without Siri reading the message back to you.

AirPlay handoff

In 13.2, you have the ability to transfer to HomePod option. And also you can disable AirPlay to TVs.

Ios 13.2 Jailbreak No Computer

Home Grouping

This is a new addition to the Home app. This option will provide you the ability to show accessories with multiple functions as a single tile or else, multiple tiles for each individual function. Actually with this option, now you can group everything. Before iOS 13.2, there was no such kind of option available.

Ios 13.2 Bug

Bug Fixes and Disclaimer

Ios 13.2

Apple has fixed one major issue that came with iCloud. There was an issue that sometimes restricted the deletion action of the recovered files folder on iCloud. This issue frequently came with iPhones and iPads. Now, this issue has been fixed with iOS 13.2.

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