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  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Summary: This sequel to the blockbuster RPG features an all-new, more perilous storyline, new characters, classes, locations and force powers.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords you can learn different things from your companions. You can also train some of your companions to become JEDI. This guide should help you navigate some of the conversations to help you gain influence so you can get your companions to become Jedi.

Influence Dialog Patch Kotor 2. No upcoming events.

Official Patch

Knights of the Old Republic 2 has had two official patches released for it after much anticipation and months of waiting. The first patch was only a minor fix, while the second official patch brings the game up to Version 1.0b. It corrects a wide range of game glitches and problems. I strongly recommend that all KOTOR 2 players install this patch otherwise you will run into a range of problems during the game.

LucasArts have also recently released the high quality Media Update Patches for KOTOR 2. There is a Movie Patch made up of 6 parts (1.1GB in total) and a Music Patch (148MB), and these patches update the music and movies of the game to full high quality video/audio. Note, you don't have to install any of these patches for KOTOR 2 to run without any problems, they are only provided due to complaints about the low quality of audio and in-game movies

To check for updates for your existing version of KOTOR 2 at any time, open the KOTOR 2 Launcher and click on the Update button, or go to your Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2 directory and run the swupdate.exe file, or visit the LucasArts Support Site.

No-CD Patch

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 requires a disc to be kept in the drive at all times. Long-time readers of TweakGuides.com would know that I believe the CD check for modern games is just plain silly and annoying, and should be removed by manufacturers. It only punishes legitimate users, since pirated versions already include a No-CD patch. While you can download a No-CD patch to remove this CD check, as with all my recent tweak guides I cannot include any information on where to find, or how to install No-CD patches for games. This is only due to legal concerns, and not any moral considerations on using such software.

I can only stress that if you wish to use a No-CD patch, be very careful where you source it from. Some of these patches and cracks are actually trojans, designed to steal your legitimate CD key. Keeping the CD in the drive while playing does not reduce your performance noticeably, so if in doubt don't install a suspicious No-CD patch. Ignore people who claim that using a No-CD doubled their performance and solved all their problems – this is simply not true. Hopefully Lucasarts will release a patch which has a built-in No-CD, but this is unlikley as the original KOTOR never received one.

Note that as of the 1.0b patch, you are unlikely to find a KOTOR2 No-CD given the complex protection system it uses (SecuROM 7) which is extremely difficult to crack. You will simply have to play with the game CD in the drive.

Maps, Mods and Missing Pieces

It is highly unlikely that Knights of the Old Republic 2 will ever receive any official new maps or mods. This is simply because official maps and mods are more commonly released for games which have a multiplayer component. Word is that Knights of the Old Republic 3 is already in development, so any further add-ons for KOTOR 2 from LucasArts are even more unlikely.

However as usual, the resourceful fans have come up with various ways of modifying Knights of the Old Republic, and Knights of the Old Republic 2. One way of doing this is by using the KOTOR Tool editing tool. If you want more details of other modding tools, and procedures for actually undertaking a mod, read this thread on the LucasForums. As any major mods are released for KOTOR 2 I will update this section to include more of them.


Finally, since Obsidian rushed to release Knights of the Old Republic 2, there are missing components of KOTOR 2 which have surfaced. These portions of the game were cut from the final version simply because they were incomplete. You can read more about these by going through this thread on the Obsidian forums. There's even an extracted portion of HK dialogue you can listen to here (from that thread). Clearly these may spoil the plot for those of you who haven't finished the game, so I recommend you read/listen to these missing pieces after completing KOTOR 2.

It's unfortunate that LucasArts forced Obsidian's completion of KOTOR 2 before all the plot elements could be tied together more neatly and the game fleshed out more fully - including the resolution of some fairly annoying programming bugs. Another official patch for the game may resolve these issues, and of course when released you can read all about it right here.

The next section of the guide covers all the In-Game Settings for Star Wars KOTOR 2.

In Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords you can learn different things from your companions. You can also train some of your companions to become JEDI. This guide should help you navigate some of the conversations to help you gain influence so you can get your companions to become Jedi.

Influence Dialog Patch Kotor 2



It is easiest to wait until Level 18 to talk to Handmaiden when you are on the Ebon Hawk because if you are level 18 you can do all her Dueling Matches and also turn her into a Jedi pretty quickly.

NOTE: Always try to choose the nicest responses when talking to Handmaiden. This ensures you will GAIN Influence with her and also gain a lot of Light Side Points.

To start, talk to Handmaiden and ask her why she looks different. During this conversation you should gain Positive Influence and Light Side Points with her as long as you are nice to her.

In another conversation you should have the option to ask Handmaiden about her Mother. Again, choose nice replies and you should gain Influence with her.

You can talk to Handmaiden about her name and you can get several Light Side Points from this particular conversation.

You have the option to Spar with Handmaiden by talking to her and asking her if she can teach you any fighting moves. You will go through 3 Sparring Matches and GAIN INFLUENCE with each victory. Make sure to talk to her again about fighting after beating her 3 times and she will teach you a power that adds you Wisdom Attribute to your Defense Raring (very very very very useful!)

With the Sparring Matches done and all of the conversations done you need to go talk to Kreia and ask Kreia why she doesn’t like Handmaiden. End the conversation after this dialogue.

Star Wars Kotor 2 Patch

Now talk to Kreia again and Kreia should start talking about how much time you are spending with Handmaiden.

Now go back and talk to Handmaiden and tell her that you want to talk about her Mother.

That conversation should lead to Handmaiden becoming a Jedi Guardian.

Kotor 2 Influence Dialog Patch


Kotor 2 Influence Mod

Atton is the easiest to turn into a Jedi. Go to the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa with Atton in your party and wander around until the two Twi’Lek show up. The big secret for the small investor pdf free download full. Talk to them and then talk to Atton and the conversation should lead to you turning Atton into a Jedi Sentinel.