Man’s Higher Consciousness, by Prof. Revised edition, 1962 Mandukyopanisad, The: with Gaudapada’s Karika and Sankara’s Commentary. Translated and annotated by Swami Nikhilananda Mantra and Meditation, by Pandit Usharbudh Arya Mantras: Sacred Words of Power, by John Blofeld Manual of Zen Buddhism. Edited by Daisetz Teitaro. The Empyreal Sea-Live Fourteen Hundred Years. By Hilton Hotema First published in 1964 1 edition. Hilton Hotema; Author division. Hilton Hotema is currently considered a 'single author.' If one or more works are by a distinct, homonymous authors, go ahead and split the author. Hilton Hotema is composed of 6 names. You can examine and separate out names.

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Man's Higher Consciousness by Professor Hilton Hotema. Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, California, Third revised edition, 1962. Plastic comb binding, paper card covers. This book is arranged in sections with a series of lessons. The sections are not necessarily titled, so I will list them with the first lesson title. Find in a library; All sellers » Get Textbooks on Google Play. Health Research Books, 1998 - 434 pages. 1963 Each lesson of this.

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Article #4: The Breath Of Death by Prof. Hilton Hotema

Our scientists agree that city air today is a deadly mixture of smoke, soot and fumes, which include carbon monoxide gas, sulphuric acid gas, benzene, methane, sulphur compounds and other dangerous chemicals too numerous to mention.

In addition, city air is saturated with the fumes of motor cars, trucks, buses, gas engines, etc. This exhaust consists of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, lead oxide, lead carbonates, free gasoline and complicated benzene chain compounds of the hydrocarbon series.

Let us consider just one of these many poisonous gases, carbon monoxide, and tell only a small part of the damage it does to the body. Tasteless, colorless, odorless, invisible to the eye, this gas takes and has taken a terrible toll of lives in our cities.

The large cities have a huge smoke-blanket over them that holds down these toxic gases and particulates. Especially is this so in damp weather. It tends to smother the people in it.

U.S. authorities have demonstrated a concentration of 0.62 parts of carbon monoxide per 10,000 cubic centimeters of air at street level in busy sections of cities of 500,000 population or more.

There are few poisons more deadly than carbon monoxide. Air containing as little as 150th of one per cent will cause headache, and 120th of one per cent may cause total collapse.

Dr. L. Burns examined blood specimens of more than 20,000 persons to discover the effect of carbon monoxide gas on the body. He said: “Carbon monoxide gas seeps into the blood through the lungs and mixes with the hemoglobin to such an extent that the blood cannot perform its normal function of carrying oxygen to the rest of the body.”

The hemoglobin of blood has an affinity for this gas about 300 times greater than for oxygen, making the absorption of the gas by the blood very rapid indeed.

The first symptoms of this poisoning are headache and weakness. More serious symptoms appear as the condition progresses. People are told in food propaganda to eat this and that kind of food to offset weaknesses, as that could overcome poisoning effects.

Scientists at Harvard found that the average man can endure carbon monoxide only until his blood is one-third saturated. The danger of the gas was shown by the way it affected one of the scientists. He had just completed some tests requiring a high degree of skill and was feeling no ill effects of the gas when he suddenly collapsed and had to be carried out and revived.

Small concentrations of the gas can soon bring a man to the breaking point. Five per cent of autos and closed trucks on the roads have sufficient concentrations of the gas to be a menace to drivers and passengers. There is no natural nor acquired immunity to the gas. Repeated exposures produce the same effect each time.

The Chicago Health Department reported that in certain sections of that city the sulphuric acid gas in the air rots clothes hung on wash lines and eats away building stone and metal guttering.

These acids and gases in the air corrode and destroy in time everything they touch. They eat up stone and steel; they eat up clothing and metal guttering; they eat up the body by destroying cells and tissue. Many symptoms of the eating process appear as “mysterious diseases unknown to medical science.”

The corrosive acids in the air attack cells and tissues, throat, nose, lungs, brain. They attack the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and sex organs.

They attack the blood corpuscles and cripple them so seriously that they cannot carry on their normal function. That condition medical art terms “anemia.” And for that they prescribe various iron preparations, vitamin B-12 and other nostrums.

These acids and gases affect the nerves, and the resulting pains medical art calls “neuritis.” As the nerves weaken, paralysis may result in whole or in part. And they have treatments for that while the cause continues. They affect the cells of the muscles, producing dull pains that puzzle medical art, and medical doctors cover up by terming it “rheumatism.”

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The acids and gases attack the tissues of the joints and the medical art calls it “arthritis.” They attack the tissues of the air cavities of the cranial bones, and medical art calls it “sinusitis.” They attack the throat, and medical art calls it “laryngitis,” “tonsilitis,” “diptheria,” etc. Hoarseness often follows, and in time one’s voice weakens, or may be entirely lost.

Sulphuric acids and gases attack the cells of the blood vessels of the heart and medical art calls it “heart disease.” They attack the cells of the pancreas, and medical art calls it “diabetes.” They attack the cells of the lungs, and medical art calls it “tuberculosis.”

Names, names—names that mean nothing aside from indicating the part of the body wherein degeneration is most serious and active from the action of the poisons absorbed from the air. Medical art, ruled largely by superstition and guesswork, and being nothing more than an updated version of ancient voodooism, makes a confusing mystery of what it calls disease. They do this for greed and profit, often, and sometimes from ignorance. The problem is readily solved by recognition of a few simple, basic principles.

The air of the Los Angeles area is exceptionally bad. The Los Angeles Herald said: “Heavy clouds of smoke close to the ground, intermingled smarting fumes that make people bleary-eyed and gasp for breath.”

That account stated that “bleary-eyed men” were watching the factory chimneys to discover the source of damaging acrid fumes that killed small animals in the affected areas. During the worst of the “gas attack,” nine out of ten persons on the streets were “bleary-eyed” from the smarting fumes. This black pall of smoke makes a ceiling over Los Angeles from 1,500 to 2,000 feet thick and extends outwards for as many as sixty miles.

John F. Gernhardt, M.D., of Los Angeles, stated that more than 30 persons died in the city of heart attack in 24 hours. Polluted air was the cause. It paralyzes the breathing centers of the brain and breathing stops. That is not heart attack.

The press reported that Southern California has lost about 60 percent of its valuable sunlight due to the smoke pall hanging over that area.

Still air, like still water, grows stale, stagnant and poisonous. Doctors appear not to know much about this. The maladies it causes are still attributed to viruses and germs.

Windstorms, tornados and hurricances are cosmic processes of air purification. And plants continuously detoxify and reoxygenize our air. These are yet other secrets of nature not yet discovered by the medical art.

But the discovery was made by a layman who did some thinking. He wrote a book that was published in 1944. It was titled Floating Air. It is hard to get a copy now, as medical art dreaded the valuable health guidance it contained and high-pressured the Post Office Department to put it out of circulation.

This man first tested his theory on poultry and was able to relieve in a few hours bad cases of croup and kindred respiratory ailments. That was bad news for medical art, and it had to be suppressed. There were no money-making possibilities in prescribing fresh unpolluted air.

In his chicken house this man put an electric fan to keep the air in motion, thus dissipating the foul fumes of poultry droppings, the inhalation of which makes chickens sick. How many poultry raisers know that?

Very simple. Too simple, It’s a deep dark secret of nature the doctors seem not to have discovered. We can be poisoned by the fumes of our own effluvia.

Many who drop dead or die suddenly are not afflicted with heart disorders as doctors claim. The cause of death is foul air.

The annual report of the Bernard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital asserts that city dwellers, breathing polluted air, “develop lung cancer” at a rate three times greater than inhabitants of rural districts.

The Mellon Institute of Pittsburgh issued a report of a two-year survey covering the damaging effect of polluted air on human health. The report said: “The inhalation of polluted air results in a gradual absorption by the body of the poisonous products. The insensible intake results in a condition of slow-poisoning which insidiously eats away at vital tissues.”

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Physicians go the other way. They favor still air. They favor the bad and condemn the good. They seem instinctively aware of what’s good for their practice.

This man who knew that what applied to chickens also applied to humans put an electric fan and ventilators in his bedroom. This drew in fresh outside air and drove out the stale inside air.

Most homes and bedrooms are filled with stale air, unfit to breathe. People follow the advice of doctors and keep windows closed to keep out those “deadly drafts” of fresh outside air.

Even the gases and vapors expelled by the body are poisonous and pollute the home and bedroom, regardless of whether from lungs, or bowels, or the pores of the skin. When these facts are known, it is easy to understand why people get up in the morning with cold, sore throat and other respiratory disorders.

They blame the weather; so do the physicians. But it does not affect the animals who live out in it! The actual cause is the polluted air in home and bedroom.

So remarkable were the good results this man obtained that he was inspired to build his “miracle cabinet,” consisting of a bed with enclosed sides and top, well ventiliated and introducing air electrically with a fan through special vents.

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He used the cabinet first for patients with respiratory ailments such as colds, hay fever, sore throat, diptheria, asthma, influenza, pneumonia and tuberculosis. The good results were amazing, and he was encouraged to treat in the same manner patients with all kinds of disorders: fever, mumps, measles, rheumatism, neuritis, diabetes, etc.

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His remarkable success proved that good, fresh air in motion will “cure” the sick who failed under other regimens that left them in the same polluted air. He got patients well after medical doctors had declared them incurable physical wrecks. He proved what a few great Doctors have declared: that there is no disease. There are just two conditions of the body—good health and the lack of it.

The symptoms of bad health the doctors are trained to study, group together and give them names (diagnosis) that mean nothing and term them diseases that are trying to kill the patient.

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The scheme is supported by centuries of false teaching by which medical art has created a false psychology. They have taught that diseases are “entities” that attack us and mean to kill us. We enlist their aid in fighting these armies of invaders intent on our demise. For them this is very profitable. And just the opposite for us. Medical art is one of the biggest frauds on earth.

The truth bears repeating: Sicknesses are the body’s cleansing and reparative efforts. They are friends, not enemies. If you would avoid the crisis of sickness, then don’t indulge the causes of sickness. Polluted air is a primary cause of illness and disease.

The surprising results of the man’s work and air shocked the medical art. Drugs, vaccines and serums would become obsolete if people learned of this. Something had to be done.

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It was better that one good “man should die for the people,” than that the medical art should perish. So the heat was turned on the Post Office Department and “this man died for the people.” His great work of helping the sick, after medical doctors had failed, came to a sudden and inglorious end.

In such cases big publications carry lying propaganda that a certain quack who was a menace to the people has been cast into oblivion. And the people believe this. Medical propaganda leads people to believe that medical art is trying to rid the world of so-called disease. In truth they are trying to end their competition. Who can be so silly as to believe that any organization or institution is working to bring about its own end?

The reason why people do believe it is because “better schools make better communities.” That is another one of the lies taught in the schools, and people just grow up in it from childhood.

The facts show that all methods not taught in orthodox medical schools, regardless of their value and effectiveness, are banned and crushed by the medical art and their allies, and unorthodox practitioners are usually put in prison—all for the protection of the public health.

This may not be Russia, but many Russian methods are used to dispose of those who interfere with the money-making schemes of big business.

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