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If your hard drive is physically damaged, it could cost up to $1,000 to recover ANY data. Don’t you wish you’d just scheduled a weekly data backup now? These programs can retrieve just about anything from a hard drive, disk, flash drive, or any other storage device even if you have 0 clue what you’re doing. The hard drive recovery software is free with a certain amount of data you can recover data from the hard drive. Recoverit is a tool that works for every single hard drive. You do not need to worry about the brand of the hard drive. Recoverit can recover more than 1000 formats of data.

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How Can I Recover My Data from My WD External Hard Drive?

'Hello, I have a WD My Passport hard drive and I had many photographs on it. Today I connected it with my computer, but I found nothing inside. The photos are vital to me. I’m very eager to recover data from WD My Passport hard drive. What can I do? Best Regards'

You can easily store a variety of files like documents and photos on a WD My Passport hard drive. However, they can be lost due to your mistaken deletion, formatted hard drive, or even system errors and you would feel hard-pressed to recover data from WD My Passport hard drive. Fortunately, you can still accomplish WD My Passport data recovery with qualified and secure hard drive recovery software.

Read on and get to know the best way of WD hard drive recovery. Some WD My Passport problems and simple solutions will also be listed to help you further protect the Western Digital external hard drive.

Overview of WD My Passport Problems and Easy Solutions

Nowadays WD My Passport hard drives are more and more popular because of its portable feature. Nevertheless, it can't be denied that we might meet with some WD My Passport problems when we frequently use it to store and back up data. The problems may partly include:

Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

  • WD My Passport is not detected or recognized.
  • WD My Passport does not show up on PC or Mac.
  • The WD external hard drive does not spin.
  • Clicking noises from WD My Passport hard drive.
  • The power LED is on but the WD drive is not accessible.
  • Unable to see the data files in WD drive when it detected.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Near Me

When you can not access WD My Passport hard drive and the data on it, do not fall into despair or spare no effort to search for data recovery services. These simple solutions can help you solve the WD My Passport problems more effortlessly and efficiently. By the way, what if data stored on the WD My Passport hard drive gets lost? Recoverit Data Recovery is your reliable friend. No matter what causes the data loss, you can always resort to this WD data recovery software to get your lost or deleted files back.

How to Recover Data from WD Passport External Hard Drive

While the data deleted or lost from WD external hard drive, Wondershare Recoverit data recovery is the most professional hard drive data recovery program which can easily help you get all lost data back. It can access the hard disk file system and restore your data, even the disk got formatted and damaged.

Download and install Recoverit Hard Drive Recovery on your computer, connect the disk to the PC, and follow the next 3-step to get your WD hard drive data back.

Step 1 Launch Recoverit Data Recovery program. Select your WD hard disk which detected on the program and Next.

Step 2 Then the hard disk data recovery software will start scanning the device to searching the lost data within minutes.

Step 3 After the scan, you can check all recovered files. Preview and select your recovered files by clicking the 'Recover' button to get them back.

Video Tutorial on WD External Hard Drive Recovery

Video Tutorial: Recover Files from WD My Passport


It must be a great pain to lose important pictures and files from WD My Passport hard drive. But thanks to WD data recovery software like Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery, it is easy to recover data from any storage devices. Exactly follow the simple steps mentioned above and you can recover data from WD My Passport in less than no time.

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Please call for a quick consultation and estimate before you bring your failed media device to our Dallas office. We need to know what type of device you have, the failure symptoms and how quickly you need your data recovered. 972-992-7139



After you receive your quote, bring your media device to our Dallas office or ship it directly to our lab for your FREE Diagnosis and firm price. If you select Emergency or Rush Service, recovery will begin immediately upon receiving your media device in our lab.



Our Standard Service includes a FREE diagnosis for all Dallas customers. Diagnosis will be completed by one of our highly trained & experienced engineers. He will locate the cause of failure and inspect for damages which will allow us to provide you with a report & firm price to recover your important files.

Hard Drive Data Recovery


After the diagnosis of your media device, we will call you to go over our findings and provide you with a firm price. Next, we will email the diagnosis report and agreement that you will need to agree to and submit in order for us to move forward with the recovery attempt.



Upon receiving your approval to attempt recovery, your hard drive will be immediately moved to the recovery queue where the retrieval process will begin soon thereafter. The recovery turnaround time for our Standard Service is estimated 7-14 days.



When your data recovery has been completed, we will notify you by phone and email. We will also email you a payment link so you can easily pay via credit card or Paypal online. Other payment types are accepted also. Recovered data is returned once full payment has been received.



Upon receiving full payment, we will return your recovered data on a new USB flash drive or hard drive that you provide or purchase from us. For small amounts of data (less than 10GB, we can load it to our server for instant download. If your data requires shipping from our main lab, we will send it 2-3 day or Overnight FedEx Express depending on your request.

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