Find zip code of a location. Find zip code by address or by point doing click on map. Drag to change point.

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Zip code:

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Postal Abbreviations

  • Alabama AL
  • Alaska AK
  • American Samoa AS
  • Arizona AZ
  • Arkansas AR
  • California CA
  • Colorado CO
  • Connecticut CT
  • Delaware DE
  • District of Columbia DC
  • Federated States of Micronesia FM
  • Florida FL
  • Georgia GA
  • Guam GU
  • Hawaii HI
  • Idaho ID
  • Illinois IL
  • Indiana IN
  • Iowa IA
  • Kansas KS
  • Kentucky KY
  • Louisiana LA
  • Maine ME
  • Marshall Islands MH
  • Maryland MD
  • Massachusetts MA
  • Michigan MI
  • Minnesota MN
  • Mississippi MS
  • Missouri MO
  • Montana MT
  • Nebraska NE
  • Nevada NV
  • New Hampshire NH
  • New Jersey NJ
  • New Mexico NM
  • New York NY
  • North Carolina NC
  • North Dakota ND
  • Northern Mariana Islands MP
  • Ohio OH
  • Oklahoma OK
  • Oregon OR
  • Palau PW
  • Pennsylvania PA
  • Puerto Rico PR
  • Rhode Island RI
  • South Carolina SC
  • South Dakota SD
  • Tennessee TN
  • Texas TX
  • Utah UT
  • Vermont VT
  • Virgin Islands VI
  • Virginia VA
  • Washington WA
  • West Virginia WV
  • Wisconsin WI
  • Wyoming WY

The zip code (Zone Improvement Plan) in US consists of 5 numbers, and helps to identify an address. e.g. 22314 Gotofile.

The postal code is used together with the address, for the efficient sending of letters and parcels.

The digits of the ZIP Code is allocated as follows:

The first number is for the state: e.g. 2 is for Virginia and some other States.

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The second and third digits together representing a region

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The fourth and fifth digits represent the area of the city (if in a metropolitan area), or a village/town.

The fourth and fifth digits represent the area of the city (if in a metropolitan area), or a village/town.

e.g. 47722 (4=Indiana, 77=Vanderburgh County, 22=University of Evansville area)

You can search for zip code by address or by point on the map. The procedure are called, forward geocoding and reverse geocoding.

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In forward geocoding the user gets the coordinates and the zip code from the address. In reverse geocoding the user gets the address and the zip code from the coordinates.

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