Open different photos library mac. Get iPlayer Automator 1.9 Build 1841 September 6, 2017 0ahez7reg3ig Simple to use and streamlined macOS utility designed to make it as easy as possible to download shows from BBC iPlayer, ITV Catchup and 4oD. I'm not OP, and my Synology does not support Docker, but I probably am like the OP in the sense that I have 0 interest in using getiplayer for TV as the only show I'm currently interested in is readily available via torrents. There is, however, far fewer radio material available on trackers, so getiplayer is useful.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog but there are several changes in the new versions that deserve mention.

First, Gordon Cooper has done an excellent job on some new icons for the application. It’s good to finally have some icons that better match the true functions than the Apple Built-ins.

Second, there have been a couple of comments on the search. It has always been limited to seven days, except for local radio. This is due to the way the BBC do their index feeds. This just hadn’t come up as an issue until recently when the BBC started keeping programs available for more than that length of time. In order to download programs older than seven days, simply navigate to the appropriate iPlayer page in your browser and click ‘Get Current Webpage’.

Get Iplayer Automator Itv


Get Iplayer Automator Windows 10

Finally, 1.8.0 did have an issue where if there were any programs in your queue that were older than 7 days, GiA would beachball after attempting to start downloads. This has been resolved in 1.8.1.