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FUNNY GARAGE SALE SIGNS-OF-THE-WEEK: Hello Lionel Richie. Is it deals you're looking for?' ♪ Why yes, Lionel Richie. I'm quite the Penny Lover (pincher, I mean.).

Classification of sale (like moving, estate, etc.) What you have most of (furniture, baby clothes, etc.) When to run the garage sale ads: 1-2 days before the sale; During the sale; Best place to advertise garage sales: Your town’s Craigslist (navigate to the “for sale” section and select “garage sale”). May 17, 2019 These great yard sale slogans are just some examples of crazy and funny ways people have attracted customers to stop and shop for some good bargains. Almost As Cheap as Dumpster Diving Awesome Crap This Way. Awesome Garage Sale This Way. Back to the Yard Sale. Bitter Divorce Sale. Classy Crap This Way. Is a simple yard sign not enough anymore? Well, according to these hilarious garage sale signs, it’s a yes. To get attract potential buyers, you need to take signage up a notch. These 19 signs show us how. Forget the crap, I’ll buy the sign reddit / therealchrisfarley 2. Probably not but.

I am going to have a rummage sale soon. I am looking for a cleverly worded ad to put in the newspaper to attract the attention of the readers. I hope to bring them here by the 100's. :O)

Joanne from Fond du Lac, WI

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April 29, 20060 found this helpful

'Your husband called. He said go check out that great sale at (address).'

(We have a car wash in our town that says 'Your husband called, he said wash the car.' We like it so much I thought it would be good for a yard sale, too.) :o)

October 1, 20170 found this helpful

I loved it I am going to borrow it for our tag sale, thank you :-)

Inertial drift steam

April 29, 20060 found this helpful

_?_ years of my accumulation and husband's frustration. Yard sale at - etc.
Usually ads are listed alphabetically and numbers go to the head of the list. If you put the numbers of years you've been collecting stuff in the blank, your ad should go to the top of the list under the divisional heading in the paper.

I had good luck with this ad but one person complained because I didn't have enough stuff to get rid of for the 30 years I had been married. Good luck. Don't forget to freecycle or Goodwill the leftovers.
April 30, 20060 found this helpful

I like the 'husband' one!
Too funny!

Offer free drinks, just put ice and soda in cups on a table so they can grab it as they leave. I have seen this before and I admit I have stopped while yardsaling mostly for the drink but would browse and find it was a great yardsale!

I can't think of no clever ads right now.. sorry.

April 30, 20060 found this helpful

I try to have two huge yard sales a year. I find that winter (yes, winter) & spring are the best time to have sales. Here are my witty ditties. Brave the cold for yard sale gold. Heaps and heaps of stuff that's cheap. All like new. The other one is even better: Spring is here, It's time for chores.

I've cleaned, closets, cupboards, drawers. Now my treasures can be yours. All like new. The ladies at the newspaper's advertising desk get a kick when I come in. They joke that I ought to work in advertising. P.S. 'The Mother of all Yard Sales' sounds irrisistable, too.
May 1, 20060 found this helpful

I actually have used this for several years and always got good response ..'Trash to Treasure'sale.
People love to find the treasure in someone else's pile of junk. I know I do. Anyway it's very simple but effective.
One time I also gained a lot of weight due to a medical condition and had tons of small size but gently used clothes that were really going to waste in my closet. I had a 'trash to treasure' sale and had a huge rack and table full of those clothes.

I put a huge sign up that said (and it was true) 'Too fat to wear these, too poor to buy new ones!!! Make an offer on these items!!!' The clothes flew off the rack and table and many people commented that they stopped to read the sign and got a good giggle before actually looking through the clothes. Good luck on whatever you try and have some fun!
May 1, 20060 found this helpful

Garage Sale Funny Signs

What about GROJ sale. Get Rid of Junk sale..

May 1, 20060 found this helpful

I include a small list of the items I am selling,make sure there is a phone number included, and state it as a 'multi family purging'. rain or shine (if you are able to hold it that way.) date and time.include something extra and out of the ordinary ..such as cofffe free for first 50 ppl, or will have homemade fudge for sale. then also have cold drinks for sale just in case it gets hot. kids love to pitch in and sell koolaid or lemonade and cookies.

I had one a few years back that I included my phone poured rain all weekend..but I started receiving calls about an hour before time ..ppl inquiring if I was still having the hubby and I discussed it and we quickly emptied out our front room and set up the tables in it and we sold more that weekend than ever before or since. over 350.00 in one and half days and it was raining..oh yeah.

May 2, 20060 found this helpful

don't exggerate about what you have to sell.
Do you have any neighbors who could hold a sale the same tme. I like to go to sales that are close together especially when gas prices are so high

April 10, 20070 found this helpful

We use Brownies and Baked Homemade goods for our yardsales, and we do donations for St. Jude's Hospital. But the donations are voluntary the goodies are free.

And it works out great and we have done kool aid as well. With the goodies. And Coffee too lol :) It all works out especially since we open at 6a!

Funny Yard Sale Ads

We also put in our ads this information and that we find tools and furniture, DVD's and Electronics bring people hoarding to get to us. We have had people show up parked outside our home at 5a! lol
And we live a ways from the city!

Funny Garage Sale Signs Pictures

So it works having a lively ad. and offering goodies!
June 1, 20090 found this helpful

Garage Sale Funny Clip Art

From a person who has a little experience with yard sales, I say this: make your yard/garage/rummage sale noticeable. Put signs on the telephone poles to draw people in that don't get the newspaper or just happened to be passing through that day. Most important thing to remember: make your signs easy for a person driving a car to read. Have a great time and sell a lot!

April 1, 20130 found this helpful

Garage Sale Funny

Use you local buy, sell, trade web site. They are usually free to use. Also do not put tape on top of shoes. When people try to remove it, it does damage to the surface of the shoe or purse. Give ideas for using things. Such as wicker baskets are good for bird feeders. The rain goes through the cracks of the wicker. The seed stays in. Give ideas for using some of your things such as craft ideas. If you can advertise multi family yard sale you will get a lot more customers. So getting your grown kids that have moved to take part, or cousins neighbors etc.. you get a much bigger crowd.

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Funny Yard Sale Images