NEW!!! Motor Magnet Zapper

FETroller 2

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Hitman FETroller

FET32 Controller
Without Choke

FET32 Controller
With Choke

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Howards 50+ year old
Restored Tether Car

Introducing the NFET4!

The NFET4 is a full featured high-end controller featuring all of the features of the FET3, plus Brake/Anti-Brake, E-Wire Choke and Full Throttle Partial Bypass.
Custom Factory direct only. Contact us for details.

Introducing the Lock-It-In!

Fully Electronic Drag Controller

Announcing our latest product, an all new, fully electronic drag controller. MSRP - $350 Click here for details.

Available only through Motown Raceway. Contact them at:

Motown Raceway
1064 Woodland Ave. Suite N
Modesto, CA 95351 USA
(209) 544-2550

NEW!!! Motor Magnet ZapperNEW!!! Motor Magnet Zapper

ThirdEye is pleased to announce our latest product, a motor magnet zapper. Click here for details.

Exciting news!

ThirdEye is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, ThirdEye Technologies 1/24th products are now exclusively available from ERI Associates!

Contact your local track and let them know that our products are now available from ERI as our sole distributor.

ERI can be contacted at:

Thirdeye Has a New Address!!!

Please note that our shipping address has changed!

As always, please contact us via our CONTACT page before shipping any items to us.

Updates/Add-on options to existing products. Contact 3rd Eye for installation/conversion.

Add a meter to your existing FET!

Available for older FET2 without meter = $40.00.

FET1-2 conversion units = add $10.00

Contact 3rd Eye for details.

FET1- FET2 Conversion $110.00

Convert your FET1 with the Redfox Handle/Trigger to a FET2 the new Parma Handle/Trigger design with improved controls. The 'Jethro Package' update is included in the conversion. Feels better, works better, more reliable. Note - handles are not interchangeable.

FET2 'Jethro' Package $60.00

New 'Large Barrel Throttle Resistor' -- improves throttle response, smoother/ quieter trigger action, and partially coated for more reliability. 'Improved Brake Adjustability' -- Provides considerable control in the low to medium range of braking (brakes can be dialed in easier).


No Choke FET Model, Good Thru Group 12 Motors. Features Parma Handle, Selectable Throtle Curve Switches, FET Brakes.

3rd Eye is proud to sponsor the following Racers:
Fred Hood
George Russell
Herman James
Paolo Trigilio

Paolo Trigilio
2011 ISRA Worlds Winner Using a 3rd Eye Controller

Third Eye world class Slotcar Controllers have been winning races from coast to coast at sanctioned national events, in every class from beginner to Pro, Falcon thru Group 7 Wing Cars.

Third Eye's unique and innovative Slot Car Controller designs include:

  • Fully Electronic Design
  • Reverse Polarity Protection (no fuses to replace)
  • Smooth throttle control using 3rd Eye's exclusive slotcar throttle design with over 150 bands,
  • Fully electronic Brakes that stop faster
  • Parma Handle and Trigger
  • Easy to use controls using all clockwise (electronics) rotation convention
  • Neat/clean/attractive/professional looking design

There are also many options and add-ons available, including: built in Track Volt meter, Remote/Manual or Electronic Choke, Track power LED. The list goes on and on!

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Fet Car

Fet Card

Designing and manufacturing the finest fully electronic slot car hand controllers and slotcar power supplies in the world for 1/24th and HO scale racing.
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