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With the help of Event Viewer (see the following picture), you can view application/security/setup/system/other events that have occurred on your computer so that you are able to analyze and solve application errors, system errors, etc. Hence, this article introduces six methods to open this app on Windows 10 computer for your reference.

Event ID when a user is added or removed from security-enabled UNIVERSAL group such as Enterprise Admins Event ID when a user is added or removed from security-enabled DOMAIN LOCAL group such as DnsAdmins group. Event Director/Administrator. An events director or administrator is the person in charge of making. .To access the Ryzer Events Management System please use your email address and existing password. If you have any questions or issues with accessing your account. Sep 21, 2010 1.On the collector computer, run Event Viewer as an administrator. 2.Click Subscriptions in the console tree. Note: If the Windows Event Collector service is not started, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to start it. This service must be started to create subscriptions and collect events. The Event Viewer is used to troubleshoot problems you may be having on the computer. The Administrative Events are a compilation of all the other components in the Event Viewer. If you are not experiencing other issues with Windows, you can safely ignore the reported events. Open Event Viewer.

Video guide on how to open Event Viewer on Windows 10:

6 ways to open Event Viewer in Windows 10:

Way 1: Open it by search.

Type event in the search box on taskbar and choose View event logs in the result.


Way 2: Turn on Event Viewer via Run.

Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog, enter eventvwr (or eventvwr.msc) and hit OK.

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Way 3: Open Event Viewer via Command Prompt.

Open Command Prompt, type eventvwr and press Enter.

Event Administrator Salary

Way 4: Turn Event Viewer on via Windows PowerShell.

Open Windows PowerShell through searching, type eventvwr.msc and tap Enter.

Way 5: Open Event Viewer in Control Panel.

Event Admin

Access Control Panel, enter event in the top-right search box and click View event logs in the result.

Way 6: Open it in This PC.

Open This PC, type event viewer in the search box on the top-right corner, and then double-click Event Viewer in the list.

Event Administrative Assistant

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