Apr 28, 2021 Second, Enpass’s password sharing feature is completely insecure — sharing logins via email is Enpass’s default sharing option! Third, because Enpass is an offline password manager, users need to subscribe to a third-party cloud service to be able to back up and sync passwords across devices. Enpass is a password manager available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The service also offers apps for Android and iOS, as well as various browser extensions. One of Enpass's special features is its pricing model: Unlike most of its ilk, the program does not rely on repeating subscriptions but is purchased for a one-time fee. In this Enpass review, we’ll look at its pros and cons, usage, and pricing. Finally, to see how this password manager stacks up against the competition, we’ll compare the service to two popular alternatives: 1password and LastPass. The pros and cons of Enpass. Let’s begin this Enpass review by exploring some of its benefits.

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Christmas 2020 - The First Noelle!

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Enpass Review 2020 Download

To say this year has been crazy is the understatement of the century! We have all pivoted and made the best of the bad situations, balancing safety and continuing to live this life to its fullest! We have definitely been forced to refocus on each other, and it has brought perspective to see the things that are important in our lives! Luckily, we got in some pre-Covid visiting and traveling! And, thankfully, we can claim a number of bright spots, especially the joy of new life – welcoming Noelle Perry, our first grandchild!


Enpass Security Review


It seemed like we had just wished farewell to Josh and Megan to begin a new segment of their lives in Georgia when the first of several changes occurred and a Spring Break visit became a practically permanent move to Baton Rouge! Megan is loving teaching back at Cristo Rey and Josh is enjoying working at Our Lady of the Lake’s Cardiovascular Lab. Baby Noelle will bring on a whole new world of changes, and they will happily adapt once again.
Graduation 2020 was not quite what we had in mind, but Jordan finished, and it will make for great stories for her children & grandchildren! And, while she had gotten really good at virtual school, Jordan was hoping for some college life experiences! Glad she was looking for small classes, starting at BRCC, so we aren’t paying the extras when she has yet to step foot on a campus! She is getting her prerequisites out of the way toward a psychology degree (All A's, save a B in Spanish), but this too may change. She is back working a couple of days a week at Greenhouse Salad Company, so go order a salad and tip well!
Charlie and Wynne have both moved to mostly home offices, so we are getting to work together a little more than normal (and not at cool, travel events!), but we have adapted, and Wynne is enjoying the efficiencies of not getting dressed up for work every day! And Daisy is the greatest winner of all! Extra lap time next to a warm laptop - perfect!
Thankfully, we did get to attend a tradeshow in early spring together and even make a side trip to visit dear friends near Nashville – what would turn out to be our last trip of the year, so we are glad it was a fun one!
We were thankful to welcome a couple of new members to the Waltman clan as Bonnie and Kathleen married Seth and Michael, respectively. Showers and ceremonies were a bit tricky, but we all managed, and we are happy to have something wonderful to celebrate!
We are missing hugging our loved ones this season, but Zooms may have to suffice. We are looking forward to next year and all of the new adventures in store, especially as Lolli & Pop!
We are praying for mercy and the grace to enjoy the journey!
​Our love to all of you!
Charlie, Wynne, Jordan, Megan, Josh & Noelle
​(and Daisy)