By: Matt Wollner In my previous post, I showed how you can use Microsoft Power BI Desktop to pull data from the web and use it to create simple charts.Also, in another previous post, we laid out the steps for sharing Power BI reports. Together, datasets and the datasets and models they are based on form a chain. For example, imagine your colleague publishes a Power BI dataset called Sales and Budget that is based on an Azure Analysis Services model called Sales, and combines it with an Excel sheet called Budget. Bonus Video part of training program.In this video I explain how you can use Power BI to combine data from multiple excel files.

Power Bi Join Datasets

Dataflows and Datasets are some great new features that you want to leverage moving forward. They are mighty and enable several great features that add resiliency, ease of access, lineage, auto-documentation, and several other benefits that enhances ROI to each business unit. Nord router.


Combine Datasets In Power Bi

What are Dataflows? Dataflows allow you to define individual tables that can be used in different data models out in Power BI. Some examples would be a Product, Employee, Date, or Transactions table that you would want to use the same information in different data models. Dataflows allow you to load the data from the source system out into the Power BI service a single time, transform the data once, and then consume the data many times.

What are Datasets? Datasets are a combination of tables, joins, and measures that can be used to build out Power BI reports. Any time you build out a Power BI report, you are building a dataset. Radacad has a great article on what is a Dataset and how can you use them to improve your reporting and performance.

Power Bi Merge Columns

Why should you use a common Dataset? Excelerator BI published an excellent article over a year ago about the value of having a 'Golden Dataset' with an easy to understand examples. Check out the first two sections in this blog ('The Problem- Too Many Data Models' and 'What is the Golden Dataset'). The rest of the blog provides a detailed technical guide that is nearly 100% out of date and should be ignored.