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Dictionaries, thesauruses, and grammar sites are excellent tools that can help you clarify your word choice. By using words in their correct context, you will express your ideas clearly, and your reader will benefit from your accuracy. Language Clarification The three fundamental components of clarifying language – whether it be grammar, functional language, or vocabulary – are meaning, form, and pronunciation (or MFP).

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Part or all of this entry has been imported from the 1913 edition of Webster’s Dictionary, which is now free of copyright and hence in the public domain. The imported definitions may be significantly out of date, and any more recent senses may be completely missing.
(See the entry for clarify in
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913.)


From Frenchclarifier, from Latinclārificō, clārificāre; clārus(clear) + faciō, facere(make).


  • IPA(key): /ˈklæɹɪfaɪ/
  • Audio (UK)
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clarify (third-person singular simple presentclarifies, present participleclarifying, simple past and past participleclarified)

  1. (of liquids, such as wine or syrup) To makeclear or bright by freeing from feculent matter
  2. To make clear or easily understood; to explain in order to remove doubt or obscurity
    Synonyms:explicitize, get something straight
    • 1698, Robert South, Twelve Sermons upon Several Subjects and Occasions:
      To clarify his reason, to rectify his will.
    • 2014, Mario Martinez, The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success
      We assimilate cultural interpretations based on the value our cultural editors determine and the level of abundance we are allowed to have without violating tribal horizons. I should clarify that I am not suggesting that we are passive recipients of everything the cultural editors tell us about ourselves.
    • 2015, United States Department of Justice, Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department
      The report does not clarify what investigation the supervisor did, if any, to assess the suspect's allegations, or how he determined that the allegations were false. Supervisors also fail to provide recommendations for how to ensure officer safety and minimize the need for force going forward.
  3. (ergative) To grow or become clear or transparent; to become free from feculent impurities, as wine or other liquid under clarification.
  4. (ergative) To grow clear or bright; to clear up.
  5. (obsolete) To glorify.

Related terms[edit]


to make clear or bright by freeing from feculent matter
  • Azerbaijani: təmizləmək(az)
  • Bulgarian: пречиствам(bg)(prečistvam)
  • Finnish: selkeyttää(fi)
  • Polish: wyjaśniać(pl), wyjaśnić(pl), oczyścić(pl)pf, oczyszczać(pl)impf
  • Portuguese: clarificar(pt)
  • Romanian: limpezi(ro), clarifica(ro), purifica(ro)
  • Russian: очища́ть(ru)(očiščátʹ), чи́стить(ru)(čístitʹ)
  • Turkish: temizlemek(tr)
  • Armenian: պարզաբանել(hy)(parzabanel)
  • Aromanian: limpidzãscu
  • Azerbaijani: aydınlaşdırmaq, aydınlıq gətirmək
  • Bulgarian: избистрям(bg)(izbistrjam), изяснявам(bg)(izjasnjavam)
  • Catalan: aclarir(ca)
  • Czech: objasnit(cs), vyjasnit
  • Dutch: verduidelijken(nl)
  • Esperanto: pliklarigi
  • Finnish: selventää(fi)
  • French: clarifier(fr)
  • German: klären(de)
  • Greek: διαλευκάνω(el)(dialefkáno)
  • Hebrew: הבהיר(hibhír)
  • Kurdish:
    Central Kurdish: ڕوون کردن(rûn kirdin)
  • Maori: whakamahuki, whakamārama
  • Norwegian: klargjøre
  • Persian: شفاف‌سازی کردن(šaffâf-sâzi kardan)
  • Portuguese: clarear(pt), clarificar(pt), aclarar(pt)
  • Quechua: ch'uyayachiy
  • Romanian: clarifica(ro), limpezi(ro)
  • Russian: проясня́ть(ru)impf(projasnjátʹ), проясни́ть(ru)pf(projasnítʹ)
  • Spanish: clarificar(es), aclarar(es), esclarecer(es),
  • Swedish: förtydliga(sv), klargöra(sv), tydliggöra(sv)
  • Telugu: స్పష్టీకరించు(spaṣṭīkariñcu)
  • Turkish: temizlemek(tr), arındırmak(tr)
  • Azerbaijani: aydınlaşmaq
  • Bulgarian: избистрям се(izbistrjam se), изяснявам се(izjasnjavam se)
  • Esperanto: (please verify)klariĝi
  • Finnish: selkeytyä
  • Portuguese: clarear(pt)
  • Russian: проясни́ться(ru)(projasnítʹsja)
  • Turkish: temizlenmek(tr), arınmak(tr)
  • Bulgarian: пречиствам се(prečistvam se)
  • Finnish: seljetä(fi), selvitä(fi)
  • Turkish: halletmek(tr), çözmek(tr)
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© Fred Thornhill/Reuters Canadian auto-parts company Martinrea says it wants greater clarity on travel rules at the border for workers. It says the travel rules are applied unevenly and it is hurting Canadian companies competing against rival U.S. suppliers. Seen here, in 2017, is a Vaughan, Ont., facility of Martinrea's Alfield Industries subsidiary.

The federal government plans to clarify its pandemic travel rules for autoworkers after complaints from the industry, which says it's being hurt by ambiguity at the border.

At issue is how border agents deal with autoworkers moving between facilities in Canada and the U.S. Industry officials have expressed frustration that Canadian guards don't seem to have clear instructions, forcing some workers to quarantine when they re-enter Canada but not others, and that it risks doing economic damage.

On Tuesday, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair committed to performing a quick review of the policy during a virtual meeting with auto-sector representatives, said one meeting participant, Flavio Volpe.

That development came after CBC News and other media reported on mounting annoyance in the sector, with industry representatives fuming that they had tried and failed to reach Blair for months.

Volpe, who heads Canada's Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association, said the minister opened Tuesday's meeting by expressing a desire to work with the sector to clarify the rules.

He said the sides set up a group to work on changes — and that they planned to do it quickly.

'We expect that we're going to see some substantive clarification in days, and that's very helpful,' Volpe said in an interview Tuesday afternoon.

'I'm expecting specific clarification that's going to make it easier for essential automotive people to do their job. And we have that commitment from Minister Blair and from the [Canada Border Services Agency].. I think that we've broken through here.'

Video: Canada can't depend on global system, foreign sourcing in future crises, says Carney (cbc.ca)

Clarify Language Development

Canada can't depend on global system, foreign sourcing in future crises, says Carney

Critical moment in the auto sector

What had the companies complaining was the alleged lack of clarity on how the industry's technical workers and executives should be treated while re-entering Canada after doing work at U.S. facilities.

They said the rules are applied inconsistently — even on the same day at the same border crossing — which has resulted in company employees being forced into quarantine.

They said this is putting Canadian auto companies at a competitive disadvantage against American rivals at a critical moment for the sector.

© Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press Public Safety Minister Bill Blair met with Canadian auto industry representatives on Tuesday

Companies are now competing for a wave of contracts related to a pair of developments: the ongoing emergence of electric vehicles and the new supply chains established under the updated NAFTA. Tagxedo create.

Clarify Language Synonym

Volpe said that at the start of the meeting, the minister said essential travel for auto-parts employees and executives is not a significant new risk for public health, and that he wanted to find a solution.

Volpe said the sector is not pushing for a complete reopening of the border. 'We're talking about a clarification for essential business travel,' he said.

Clarifying Language

A spokeswoman for Blair, Mary-Liz Power, said the government will continue to enforce public-health protocols at the border but is open to making adjustments.

'The government is listening to all sectors of the economy as it develops further protocols to identify and enforce restrictions for essential travellers, including technicians from the auto sector,' she said in an email.

Clarify Language Learning

'We have been clear that our response to the COVID-19 pandemic will adapt quickly to this rapidly evolving public health threat.'

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