1. In Capture One 20, the Noise Reduction Tool has been re-engineered for improved performance. It tackles noise on two fronts: luminance noise and colour noise, while Capture One 20 brings improved recognition of patterns and edges; better colour noise reduction; bigger impacts from the Amount slider, and stronger noise reduction for images shot with a high ISO.
  2. So, in a nutshell, Reduce the Threshold and the Reduce the Luminance Noise reduction, and then raise them back to suit. So that’s basically it. I go into a bit more detail with examples in the video, so do check it out if you have the time. There is a lot more to sharpening in capture one, especially if you have the pro version, and I will be covering it in more details in a future post/video.
  1. Capture One Noise Reduction Software
  2. Noise Reduction Software
  3. Capture One Noise Reduction System
  4. Capture One Noise Reduction Driver

Capture One; Community; Capture One 20.x Software for Windows; Single Pixel Noise Reduction has no effect on exported JPG. At high ISO, and they're full of hot pixels. Eventually I found out that the noise reduction 'single pixel' function could take them out pretty well. Then I needed to create a small JPG for the web.

Capture One Noise Reduction

The full Capture One Noise Reduction set contains 44 presets divided over 4 folders – Luminance, Details, Color, and Single Pixel. All 4 sliders of the tool are covered by this set. All presets can be used both separately and combined through stacking.

Please note that this set of presets is also available as part of the larger Preset Collection Details, which contains presets for other tools as well.


The presets are compatible with both Capture One 8/9/10/11/12/20 on Mac and Windows. They might work with older versions but at your own risk. It is recommended to test with the free trial first.


Both the full and the trial set contain all presets in English, German, French, and Dutch.

Try First

There is a free trial set available for download. It is a subset of the full set, containing 12 (out of 44) presets. You are highly encouraged to try these first before you buy the full set.

You can also download all free trial presets in one package, the Preset Collection Free Trials set.

Release date:January 1, 2016
Last updated:December 27, 2015
Current version:1.0
Product type:Capture One Preset
File format:.zip
File size:134 KB
Requirements:Capture One 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 20

Often people wonder if software really makes a difference. They may as well use Adobe CC or CaptureOne to process their images. Partly it's herd mentality. People just follow what 'others are doing'.

Sometimes software really is different. The original Final Cut Pro changed the post-production industry thanks to how much more usable, how much easier it was to learn and how much more affordable it was than Avid's Symphony. Adobe Premiere was around then but then as now, Premiere as a poorly integrated cross-platform video editor was relatively unreliable. All kinds of driver conflicts and crashes.

In photo editing right now, there is one piece of software which has a clear edge in noise reduction and hence in processing high ISO images.

DxO PhotoLab performs miracles with noise reduction. Lightroom is a distant second. No one else comes close. No Canon shooter should be without DxO PhotoLab. Adds two usable stops to any of their cameras. A 5D Mark III image looks clean at ISO 12800 instead of topping out at ISO 3200.

Capture One Noise Reduction Software

I've been asked to show an example and I'll pull one from a recent football match where I was trying out my 'new' Canon EF 300mm f2.8L IS I. It turned out my copy was delivered with a circular polarizer and not a placeholder filter, hence I was shooting about 1.5 stops darker than the lens normally would be. ISO was cranked out at 12800 on my Canon 5DS R and the image was still a bit dark. This is about technically the worst image I shot all season, but due to the content – compact Mario Marko stiff arming a much bigger defender – I wanted to use it. I made my best effort with each software program.


Here's how it looks out of PhaseOne's CaptureOne (C1) which is considered the professional benchmark for photo processing these days.

The above is a horrible image, barely publishable, somewhat embarrassing.

Noise Reduction Software

Here's what the same image looks like after DxO PhotoLab with Prime Noise Reduction.

Software does make a difference.

Capture One Noise Reduction System

Here's a link to the full RAW file if you'd like to try your own post-production software on this image. Ramayanaall about myths coronavirus.

CaptureOne is not without its merits. For low and normal ISO images, the colour manipulation tools are much more powerful and useful than what DxO offers. DxO has colour correction tools while C1 offers the ability to do advanced colour manipulation.

Capture One Noise Reduction Driver

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