Call of Duty has become one of the legendary and most entertaining shooter games of the moment. It started as a PC game, but later versions came out that also work for Play Station (Call of Duty Warzone) and for mobile devices, Call of Duty: Mobile.

  1. Cod Mobile Bluestacks Crash
  2. Bluestacks Call Of Duty Mobile Not Loading
  3. Bluestacks Call Of Duty Mobile Not Working

I cant even get into Call of Duty Mobile from bluestacks, it crashes on startup, & goes back to bluestack menu. You think that Mobile devices would allow the use of PC Emulation, since most people have high end PC builds, that took a large chunk of money to produce, Most Mobile games that take away the use of Phone Apps, from the PC, Loses money, from those who want to sit at home & play. Since Call Of Duty Mobile is technically designed to run on a specific platform, which is either an Android or iOS device, your PC needs to have a special software or emulator to play it. Set Up A Controller In BlueStacks 4 and Call Of Duty Mobile Tutorial BlueStacks 4 Key MappingIn this BlueStacks 4 Tutorial I will be showing you how to set. People are as a result crazy very nearly this game - call of duty mobile Cod Mobile Crashing On Bluestacks release Diamonds. As soon as as a result much fun, challenge and adventure packed in a single game, you've got a right to become a fanatic. In the BlueStacks Library, if there’s a red exclamation mark around the Call Of Duty Mobile app then there’s an incompatibility. Here’s how it looks – Best Settings Bluestacks COD Mobile – Image Credits to BlueStacks. BlueStacks recommends the OnePlus 3T for playing COD Mobile. There’s a warning that will come up if you’ve.

The latter was one of the most downloaded games ever at its launch, and has been a sensation ever since. Gamers prefer this version over others, and play it on their computers , bringing some errors that we will explain how to solve.

What is Bluestacks in Call of Duty: Mobile?

The millions of users or players around the world of Call of Duty, or CoD, enjoy the game in their way, their time and however they want. We are talking about one of the most incredible games in the history of video shooters.

When the version for mobile phones came out, and it was already possible to obtain it in the stores of their operating systems, Call of Duty: Mobile (so called) became the hobby of millions of users. The reason for this was not having to sit in front of a computer to play, but they could do it lying in bed, on a sofa or wherever they wanted.

As the months went by, as with many first-person video games, Call of Duty: Mobile began to seem uncomfortable for some players; It wasn’t that easy to operate the game with your thumbs, or at least it wasn’t like you could do it on a PC.

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Therefore, a well-known Android emulator was used for computers. Many Call of Duty: Mobile lovers started playing from their computers to have a better experience; and this was possible thanks to Bluestacks, the mentioned emulator .

Cod Mobile Bluestacks Crash

Call of Duty Mobile does not work and closes on Bluestacks

This transition between devices obviously, like everything else in the IT area, would have its short or long term implications .

When a change is made to a game, one that is drastic and sudden, regardless of whether the change was caused by the game developer, there will always be errors, which are sometimes minimal, but other times they simply make it impossible to continue playing. .

To download the game on the PC, having installed and managed the Bluestacks emulator, all you have to do is download Call of Duty: Mobile through the Play Store , as is done from the mobile device. If you can’t download it, don’t worry, solving this problem is very easy.

After having it ready, there may be other errors , which can also happen on the phone, such as the black screen error in Call of Duty: Mobile.

And so, many more errors can be generated, and even more when the game is run from an operating system emulator. Therefore, the problem in question, ‘CoD: Mobile does not work and closes on Bluestacks’, has to do with the used versions of the game and / or the emulator.

How to fix the problem of Call of Duty: Mobile not working, closing on Bluestacks? Solution


Like everything in the world of video games, this problem, where Call of Duty: Mobile does not work and closes in the Emulator, has a solution, which can be tedious but at the same time quite easy to solve .

Knowing the causes, and with a little patience, we are going to teach you how to solve this problem, so that you have the game working optimally and you continue to have the most fun.

When this error occurs, we just have to remember that we use an emulator, and like operating systems, it has its versions in updates.

Maybe the problem you have is this, that is, you have an old (not compatible) version of Bluestacks and therefore the game will not be able to run. The solution is then to download the latest version of Bluestacks and thus, surely you can continue playing.

If you tried this, or you already have the latest version of Bluestacks, and CoD: Mobile doesn’t work, you have to uninstall and reinstall the game with its latest version. Solved.

Bluestacks Call Of Duty Mobile Not Loading

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Call of Duty joined the ranks of console games that have moved to mobile this week, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing since launch day.

Social media has been awash with complaints about the app being stuck. Activision took note of the issues and got to work fixing them almost immediately.

The famed first-person shooter is now available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. While the game immediately attracted a lot of attention, that popularity has led to some some connectivity issues for both Android and iOS users.

Since its October 1 launch, the mobile game has been downloaded more than 35 million times and was ranked the most popular app on the iOS App Store in more than 100 countries. Call of Duty Mobile packs many of the series’ most beloved maps (like Nuketown and Hijacked), iconic game modes, and signature weapons and times. But thanks to overwhelmed servers, a plethora of players have yet to be able to start playing.

A majority of the server issues that bedeviled the game at launch have since been resolved. But crowded servers can still cause sluggish performance or infinite load screens. Here are a few ways to get Call of Duty Mobile up and running if you’re experiencing issues.

Call of Duty Mobile troubleshooting: Make sure you’re connected to reliable wifi

Players will want to be sure they’re connected to a strong wifi signal once they jump into the game. Call of Duty Mobile will take up 1 gigabyte of storage space on your smartphone, and can easily eat through your data budget since all of its game modes are online.

Playing on wifi will ensure a more stable connection, with a reduced chance of getting kicked out mid-game or encountering never-ending loading screens. What’s more, certain cellular carriers throttle wireless data speeds after users have surpassed a certain threshold, which can result in a very laggy Call of Duty Mobile experience, or just not being able to connect to the servers at all.

Call of Duty Mobile Troubleshooting: Make sure you have the latest software update

Bluestacks Call Of Duty Mobile Not Working

Double check to make sure you have the latest version of iOS or Android to avoid any unforeseen glitches or crashes.

App developers optimize their software for the latest versions of each operating system. If a user has an outdated version of iOS, certain apps might act wonky — or simply not open — because of the older software the device is running.

Still having problems? Try navigating to your phone’s settings menu to check if you have any available updates to install.

Call of Duty Mobile Troubleshooting: Restart your device

If your wifi connection isn’t the issue, try restarting your smartphone. If you’re anything like me, rebooting your phone is something you do only out of necessity. But it can really improve performance with demanding apps like Call of Duty Mobile, especially if you haven’t done it in a while.

Restarting your device will clear its random access memory. That means when you boot it back up, it’ll have ample bandwidth to deal with Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Troubleshooting: Reinstall the app

The Google Play Store support page suggests installing and reinstalling Call of Duty Mobile or any other malfunctioning apps.

This will clear the apps cache and data on the device, which could resolve anything strange going on under the hood so you can finally face your friends on the popular FPS.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for iOS and Android devices.