The Atom was one of several DC Comics based superhero segments that formed part of the 60-minute compilation series, The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. Being an ancillary segment, only three, 7-minute Atom episodes were produced.

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Atomic physicist Ray Palmer had the power to shrink from normal to microscopic size or anywhere in between. When evil threatened, he faced his adversaries in his dual identity as The Atom. As a member of Ivy University’s science faculty, he always happened to be in the presence of fellow professors when danger struck and was therefore burdened with the additional task of keeping his alter ego secret. But no task was too big for the tiny Atom, and he overcame his opponents and the suspicions of his colleagues with equal accomplishment.

In addition to his own segment, The Atom participated with other superheroes in the show’s team-based segment, Justice League of America. Although his initial foray into the animated landscape was short lived, The Atom later joined Hanna-Barbera’s version of the JLA as a member of The All-New Super Friends Hour and The Super Friends Hour.

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DC Comics Brand DC bullet Barcode 31 00111 Editing. Cover art is an homage to the cover of Atom (DC, 1962 series) #10 (December 1963-January 1964). Atom DC Comics June-July 1962 - August-September 1968. The Atom (1962 - 1968) DC Comics Series Vol. Search Comics, Titles, Creators & More. Pull Future Issues; About the Series.

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Chrome for apple mac. In 1986, Captain Atom was launched in the Post Crisis DCU with a new costume and a new solo series, written by Cary Bates, that ran for more than 50 issues. The story begins back in Vietnam War era. The Atom is a name shared by five fictional comic book superheroes from the DC Comics universe. The original Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt, was created by writer Bill O'Connor and artist Ben Flinton and first appeared in All-American Publications ' All-American Comics #19 (Oct.

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Invasion of the Beetle-Men

The Plant Master

The House of Doom

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