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Adding and Organizing Project Documents

In ATLAS.ti, your documents are the data that you will structure and analyze. With ATLAS.ti, you can analyze text documents as well as multimedia content, geo documents, and data from Twitter and surveys. Information about the different types of data are specified below. Your documents appear in the left side panel or can be organized using the Document Manager where they can be arranged into groups to support your analysis.

ATLAS.ti is a proprietary QDA program developed and sold by ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH. ATLAS.ti is available on the Windows computers in the Scholarly Commons in the Main Library. ATLAS.ti is available for both Window and Mac computers, and there are mobile apps for the iPad and Android. You already have an ATLAS.ti license but need to accommodate more users? Use this form, and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the right license for you and provide you with a quote. Digital logo maker. IMPORTANT: ‣ To order a student license, go to studentlicenses.atlasti.com ‣ For general issues or questions, write to general@support.atlasti.com. While ATLAS.ti is a tool primarily used for performing qualitative data analysis, where researchers apply codes to collections of unstructured text, it provides functionality for identifying and visualizing content that can be used for basic text analysis.

Atlas Ti Analysis

Text Documents

You can add many types of text files to ATLAS.ti for analysis, including Microsoft Word [files ending in .doc, docx, or .rtf], Open Office [.odt], HTML [.htm, .html] and plain text [.txt] files. You can also import PDF and code them as either text (if there is selectable text in the document) or images.

Preparing Documents for Auto Coding

Before you upload documents that contain focus group data, you may want to ensure that the speaker names are clearly labeled so that ATLAS.ti can help you auto code answers by participant. By using either particiant: or @participant you indicate that the text following the participant name can be auto coded.

Similarly, if you have interview data, consistently labeled questions can be auto coded with ATLAS.ti. For example, if you label all of the third questions in the interviews with Q3, you can have ATLAS.ti auto code the responses so you can compare across participants (see the Coding tab for more information on auto coding).

Reference Manager Data

Export citations and full text files from a reference manager like Zotero or Mendeley and you can import that data into Atlas.ti. This can be useful for analyzing materials for your literature review, or linking your qualitative data to relevant literature.

Multimedia Data and Transcripts

Geo Documents

Twitter Data


Atlas Ti software, free download

Survey Data

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