Pwa-asset-generator ✨ A JavaScript library that automates PWA asset generation and image declaration. It automatically generates icon and splash screen images, guided by Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Interface guidelines. It also updates manifest.json and index.html files with the generated images.

Asset Generator Npm


The UWP Visual Assets Generator creates all the visual assets needed for an UWP app. You can also choose the width of your icon within the asset.

Key features:

  • Uses SVG by default to avoid scaling problems.
  • Type of asset can selected, you can use different icons for every asset type.
  • Generated files can be added automatically to project and Package.appxmanifest.
  • You can fine-tune the width of the logo.
  • Generates files for every scaling or size, not only the recommended ones.

Using the UWP Visual Assets Generator

  1. Create Logo
    Preferred format is SVG because it's a vector format and has no problems with scaling. The logo should be square and should have no additional space around it. You could use Inkscape (Freeware) or Adobe Illustrator to create a logo.
  2. Add logo(s) to your project
    You can simply drag and drop the file(s) to your Assets (or another) folder.
  3. Open the Tool Window
    View -> Other Windows -> UWP Visual Assets Generator
  4. Refresh Project List
    Click refresh and the list of projects is updated.
  5. Select Project from the List
    This is important because the Package.appxmanifest file in the selected project will be updated.
  6. Select the Input File
    Select the file you want to use for the visual assets. Supported formats are SVG (preferred), PNG, GIF and JPG.
  7. Select the Output folder
    The output folder will be predefined with the Assets folder whenever you choose a project. But you can also change the folder. It's a good idea to choose a seperate folder if you have also other files in your Assets folder.
  8. Select the Asset Type
    You can generate all assets or only spefific ones. So you can also use different icons for different asset types.
  9. Fine Tune the Icon Width
    The icon width is preset to the defaults defined by Microsoft. If you want to use another size, expand the width settings with 'Width of Logo in Asset'. You can change the width for every individual asset type.
  10. Select small logo format
    Select if you want plated or unplated small icons (app list, taskbar, ..).
  11. Generate
    Click the 'Generate' button and your assets will be created. If you selected 'Add to Project and Manifest' the generated files will be added to your project and the Package.appxmanifest file will be changed.
  12. Check the Result
    Open the Package.appxmanifest and select the tab 'Visual Assets'. If you see no red cross everything should be ok. If not you have propably additional image files and Visual Studio can not decide which one it should use. Run the app and check the different logos (tile, applist, task bar, splashscreen).

Version History

  • 1.6
    • Fix for VS2017 final release
  • 1.5
    • Support for VS2017 added
    • Images for Badge logos will be checked for correct colors

Known Issues

  • Inkscape sometimes generates SVG files which produce undesired results after conversion to PNG. Especially text is problematic. I have to do further investigations how this can be avoided. BTW Illustrator files are ok.

Additional Resources

  1. Guidelines for tile and icon assets
    Detailed documentation from Microsoft about tiles and icon assets.
  2. Inkscape
    A free vector graphics editor, available for Windows, OS X and Linux

Les mills body pump. Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Asset Generator

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