Emulators are useful, you can run the ecosystem of other devices in the devices you have. If you want to emulate an iOS device in Windows and Android then you will have to use an emulator.

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  • Run Android emulator and iOS simulator easily from VScode! Launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P), paste the following command, and press enter.
  • Jul 13, 2021 Android or iOS, emulators are becoming an essential part of both ecosystems. Mainly because developer prefers to test their apps properly before submitting them for publication. It is important to keep in mind that having a device is much more expensive than using an emulator.
  • Appetize.io is an online iOS emulator for Android and iOS app developers. In brief, the Appetize.io website has tools that enable you to test apps over the cloud. Also, Appetize.io is safe and efficient enough to analyse your iOS app. So, the Appetize.io site requires you to upload the app’s.ipa file.

Jan 23, 2020 The android simulator is a quality Emulator which helps the iPhone, iPad user. In 2011, this Emulator has been developed but its advanced features help the iPhone user greatly. The problem of this app is that one has to use Cydia for downloading this app. So the jailbreak is important to get Cydia.

There are many emulators that you can use, you should know some important things about them. Read this article to know the 10 best iOS emulators you can use for Windows and Android.


  • 1 10 Best iOS Emulators For Windows & Android

10 Best iOS Emulators For Windows & Android

Here are the best iOS emulators for your Windows & Android devices:

1. Appetize

Appetize is one of the best choices when it comes to iOS emulators. It is free to use for the first 100 hours for every user after that you will have to pay premium fees per hour.

You can easily download and use this emulator for yourself. It also allows you to run cross-platform apps, this emulator provides Cloud services to run the application. You should try this, the first 100 hours are free for you to try.

2. Smartface

This is one of the best emulators that you can use for your PC, the cost of this emulator is higher than most of the emulators. It is designed for professional usage, the cost is justified because of the performance of this emulator.

Smartface is the best emulator, it has more features than other emulators, this is easy to use and runs everything smoothly.

3. iPadian

If you are looking for an easy-to-use emulator then this is one of the best iOS emulators. You can also use this emulator for professional purposes, it has a strong and well-developed UI. You don’t need any advanced knowledge to use this emulator on your device.

This is completely free to use which makes it one of the best choices, there is nothing to worry about lags.

4. Corellium

Corellium is one of the most favorites when it comes to iOS emulators, it emulates iOS devices on the web browser. You don’t even have to worry about the security, it is completely safe. This emulator is developed by a team of experts and is full of features that are required for a smooth user experience.


You have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use this emulator that depends on the type of subscription you choose. You should try using this browser-based emulator as it is one of the best choices among iOS emulators.

5. AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone has a framework that is the same as Adobe AIR, it runs all of the basic features of an iOS device. It is available for free, you can download this from their official website and use it as you want.

This is safe and easy to use, this replicates the iPhone properly in your device. However, it may not run some applications such as safari.

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6. iPhone Simulator

Using this emulator, you can replicate an iPhone easily. You can play any iOS game you want or use any feature that you want. It has several features, you will not face any issues and if you do you can contact the support team.

Android Emulator For Ios

You can use it for intermediate and advanced purposes, it also supports high graphics. If you are a gamer then you should try this, you will be able to enjoy a much better experience of iOS with this emulator.

7. TestFlight

TestFlight is a free application, you can use iPhone apps on your PC or Mac. The user interface is a little complex compared to others, it is more of a technical set up but it has all of the required features that you need.

You will also need an app store distribution profile if you are using this as it is now owned by Apple. This emulator is also used for beta testing the iOS apps by the developers.

8. Electric Mobile Studio

A spy at the heart of the third reich pdf free download pdf. This is a paid application but you can utilize a free trial of this emulator on your device. It can simulate any iOS device on Windows, many developers prefer this emulator because of the integrated website.

You can add shortcuts using the hotkey features, it also allows you to use the same thing on two different devices which is a highlighting feature on this emulator. After the free trial of 7 days, you have to pay $40 per month, this is worth paying because it is a professional grade application.

9. App.io

This emulator is also available for free which automatically makes it one of the preferred options. You should not worry about the features, it may be free but it does not lack any required features. You can enjoy a lag-free experience, the interface of this application is also easy to use.

After completing the set-up of this emulator you can use this without any issues, you have to sync apk with this emulator first to use them. This is the best choice to use any iOS-exclusive app or game.

10. iMAME

This is the best option on the list if you want to play games that are exclusive only to iOS. It will allow you to play any iOS game without any lags or graphics issues. It may be more focused on games but this is still one of the best choices.

It does not provide a full-fledged iOS experience but you can use this if you want to play iOS games, it is light on resources so there are no issues of lag during games.


Free Android Emulator For Ios

Buying an iOS device is costly but if you want to try what it is like to use an iOS device or play iOS exclusive games then you can use an emulator. We have mentioned some of the best options here in this article, these emulators are developed carefully to fulfill all your needs.

Android Emulator For Ios 7

All of these emulators have the required features which is why these are the best iOS emulators among all the options. You don’t have to worry about safety if you face any issues with paid versions you can contact the support teams.